4 Reasons Why Rest Days are So Important

rest day

rest dayI was chatting with my new neighbor and we were talking about the onsite gym, in our subdivision, and working out.  She mentioned she only goes when the weather is too crummy to run outside. Thinking I may have found a new running buddy, I asked her about her run schedule, and she answered that she runs every single day. I said, “EVERY day?” and it led to a long conversation about the importance of rest days.

Which led me to my post today.

Because, just as rest days are super-important in traditional exercise, they are also just as important in male enhancement exercise. No matter what your male enhancement goals –

Rest days are critical to an effective and efficient penis exercise routine and here’s four reasons why.

  1. Your Penis Tissues Need the Rest – Penis exercises, like regular muscle exercise, work by creating small microtears. When the body repairs these microtears, new cells are created. Without rest days, your body doesn’t have the time repair these microtears, which means your penis never has time to benefit from the exercise.
  2. Rest Days Prevent Injury – The healing that happens during rest days helps you prevent injury from over-exercise.
  3. You Won’t Lose Your Progress – I think this is the most common misconception men have about rest days – they worry if they take a day off, they’ll lose the progress they’ve made. Generally, it typically takes about two weeks to start seeing a slip in progress.
  4. No Rest Days Leads to Faltering Motivation – When you train every single day, it’s easy to succumb to training boredom. When you get bored with training, it’s very difficult to stay motivated and stick with your training plan. Taking your scheduled rest days, keeps you moving forward on your plan.