8 X 6: The Clive Peters Story

The Clive Peters Story

Clive Peters, author of How to Maximize Your Manhood, describes how he became involved in penile enhancement and his journey from curiosity to belief and commitment.  Working toward (and reaching!) his penis growth goals has added spice to his marriage, helped him last longer in bed, and brought countless other benefits to his life.The Clive Peters Story


“Have you been doing something to it?” asked my wife three weeks after I had secretly begun my penis exercise workouts. I asked her why and she replied: “It’s got bigger!”

As I tell you this I’m thinking of the other men – and women – of my generation who didn’t sleep together until after they were married. (If you are under 30 you may find this difficult to believe, but it was true for many couples at that time.) This meant that true virgins had no basis for comparison and that women accepted their partners’ size for what it was and suppressed their curiosity about other men.

That has all changed, but here is the good news for those couples still in lasting monogamous relationships: we men can increase our size and the woman in our life can enjoy a new experience without sleeping with other men. “Shall I continue with my exercises?” I asked my wife.

“Yes!” came the swift response.


That was several years ago now. At the time neither my wife nor I thought that my penis needed any enlargement, but our curiosity was aroused. It all started when, in common with all men at some point in their lives, I suffered the dreaded limp penis (ED, or erectile dysfunction) and my doctor simply suggested taking Viagra. Pfizer had only recently introduced it then, and I had my doubts – I have never been a fan of pill-popping anyway.

Seeking an alternative cure, I soon found Thunder’s Place on the Web, and joined in with discussion forums. (PE Gym has many similarly helpful penis forums.) This is where I first met Dr Trevor Roberts (his pen name) who was posting constructive comments under the name of ‘Boxcar.’ Many of the original thinkers and contributors to the advancement of PE will remember him.

We quickly recognized a common interest, communicated regularly and, together with our wives, eventually took a vacation together on a nude beach in Jamaica – so I can legitimately claim to have independent verification of my size!


It didn’t take long before I discovered how enjoyable – and effective – some of the penis enlargement workout routines were, and I decided on a schedule of workouts 5 days a week. Getting up an hour earlier in the mornings didn’t interfere with any other activities, and the release of endorphins created by the exercises set me up with that feel-good factor for the day.

I say that ‘some’ of the routines were enjoyable and effective because we’re all different, and what is a successful male enhancement routine for one man isn’t necessarily going to work for another. This is where I started to keep notes and devised exercises most effective for me.

Sex became more interesting: my penis held a renewed fascination for my wife.  Over time I discovered more control over the moment of ejaculation, so I could concentrate more on pleasing my wife while she, in turn, made love more enthusiastically.

I had always envied the female’s experience of ‘whole body’ orgasm, and now I enjoy the same. No longer does ejaculation simply concentrate the feeling of release in the penis and groin; my orgasms now reach every nerve of my body!

Research soon revealed the scale of interest – not just among males but amongst women as well. I measured 5.75 by 4.25 inches erect – something just under the averages on penis size surveys – and I set my goal, knowing that my wife could ask me to stop my routines anytime she felt enough was enough. I then set about writing. The working title for my book was also my goal: 8 X 6.

By the time I finished researching and writing my book, I had achieved my penis growth goal. My wife still thinks it was never necessary – but she has not (yet) asked me to stop!


Robin Williams once joked, “See, the problem is that God gives man a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time.”  You don’t have to be like that.  Through your penis exercising endeavors you can learn control and the confidence that it brings, as well as the physical advantages of size, strength, sensitivity and endurance. You can use these traits to develop into an ever more skillful and unselfish lover – and you will last longer in bed and be all the more attractive because of it.

It has been an interesting, exciting, and erotic journey, and I’m grateful to my wife (for her patience and encouragement) and particularly Dr Trevor, plus the many friends I have made along the way. If you are a ‘newbie,’ I can tell you that this is the most supportive fraternity I have ever discovered. And if, like me, you are in a long-term relationship, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with your partner; she will love you for it. After all, it’s not just you that will benefit from your penis enlargement.

About Clive Peters

Born in London, Clive Peters has been happily married to the same woman for over 40 years. In common with many men, Clive came to PE through seeking a more natural remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED). Exchanging notes and ideas with like-minded men on the Internet, he met Dr. Trevor Roberts. Over eight years, the two of them researched and developed penis enhancement routines that resulted in Clive’s book: How to Maximize Your Manhood: What Every Red-Blooded Male Needs to Know.


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    Can one ever have enough enough inspiration? PE; the love that will follow me throughout life.


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