Adjusting Training Erections & Stop and Starts Form- Ask The Experts


Adjusting Training Erections & Stop and Starts Form- Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about training erections and Stop and Starts form.

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Q. I have the opposite problem of a lot of guys…

When I train I get too erect for exercises too easily, especially girth exercises. What can I do to counter this?

Al: When you start on your girth exercise, choose an erection level ~10% LOWER than your goal. For the sake of simplicity, let’s use 70% as the target, so you’ll start with an erection level of 60%. Train until your erection gets to ~10% HIGHER than your goal (80%). This will ensure you more or less get the erect level average you need.

You may also try performing length work before girth work. Intense length work can tire the penis out temporarily. This could be the optimal time to perform girth work in your case- since you’ll be less inclined to getting over-erect.

Q. I try to do good with all of my exercises but my performance of the Stop and Starts is terrible!

The times in between my stops are erratic. I also have to stop and even let my penis get flaccid to get the necessary time added each workout. Is this OK?

Al: Unlike the directive given for the other exercises, the form for the Stop and Starts takes a backseat to the time from start to finish. This means even if you need to pause, allow your erection to diminish, etc.- the initial milestone for this exercise should be to get to 20-25 minutes from start to finish. Once this has taken place, we won’t need to concern ourselves with time and we can focus on the aspects of hardness and ejaculatory control.

Taking the above into account, don’t worry about timing your stops- only on timing from start to finish.