Anti-Turtling: Ask The Experts


Anti-Turtling: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about anti-turtling.

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Q. Good morning brother! Just wanted to get your opinion on an anti-turtle sleeve…

…as a way of keeping the penis from turtling during the day (especially during activities that would activate the flight or flight response like the gym). Would it help heal from the exercises in an elongated state?

Thank you so much brother!

Al: You’re most welcome!

The healing in the elongated state theory may have some merit, but I’ve found it doesn’t work well when you’re training using higher intensity methods AND challenging yourself each session with them. What most often happens is applying a sleeve like this usually induces overtraining.

The sleeve does work well in instances where one is:

· Using lower intensity methods of training (e.g.- extending)

· Training under capacity with the main routine

· Used intermittently to prevent turtling

· As a stand alone

Q. I’m looking at ways to minimize turtling.

While I looked at the Biker’s Passive Stretcher, I wanted to try something different so I don’t cause any constriction. What do you thing of sleeves?

Al: Much will depend on the cause and extent of your turtling.

The BPS is light, and the band should not be constricting. The alternative is to use a sleeve type device- e.g.: DuroSleev SiliSleev – Durable Silicone Penis Sleeve. Another alternative is to perform exercises like JAI Stretches or even Leg Tuck Pulls– in moderation and as needed.