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Here at PEGym, our articles centering on male sexual health topics. This includes male enhancement topics – like penis enlargement and erection quality improvement. However, it also includes other topics including:

  • Premature ejaculation solutions
  • Erectile dysfunction treatments
  • Optimizing nutrition for sexual health
  • Physical exercise for sexual health
  • Sexual positions
  • Improving sexual stamina
  • And much more

We take a holistic approach to sexual health. A big penis is great – but a health penis, mind and body, with skill and knowledge is what’s going to make you an amazing lover!

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14 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Hola amigos los jelqing ,bombas,pesas,anillos,clamp todo esto funciona solo que se requiere dedicación tengo un grupo de faloculturismo quieres ingresar te enseñamos es gratid

  2. Hi everyone ,
    I have a Mexican girlfriend and she is clearly very wide and deep so I am thinking that she would need a man with a bigger penis as mine makes her come but she claims in past to have been a squirter but just hasn’t happen for a while . Anyway I am stressing thinking of committing suicide at some times because she has had giant Dicks in her and knowing the way she is which is a naughty horny girl she truely claims to live me and tell me my size is perfect blablablabla you all know the speech , I just can’t bring myself to believe her . What does one do I feel lost .

    • I just did pe… it takes a little while but maybe she didn’t have big giant dicks inside of her, maybe your inside your mind but not confirmed giant inside her.
      No offense but she needs to kegel, she’s probably just had a lot of stimulation down there psychologically and physically at every different squiting moment including when she has it with you.
      You may do a few months of pe and your gains would step up your confidence…
      Then what she or you perceived as giant will in fact turn out to be other factors at play. Point here is that you not turning her on the way you need to, you trying to turn her on with how they needed to. Verstaan jy?
      So kill yourself for missing the point, now that will really turn her on hey? – Man PE for yourself in private, then go for her. Fuck her brains out, literally, Get her in bed good every moment you seduce her to your appetite, a little deeper and a little girthier, every session capturing and grabbing her vaginal walls back to where they belong… wrapped tightly clinging for life around your expanding cock.

      Worked for my wife and I. Now I know I’m the fattest, longest she’s ever fucked… and her ex was Congolese.

  3. Hi guys I’m trying to make my five inch cock length and girth a little bigger will wearing a cock ring around the bottom of a shaft help me get length

  4. I have a question I have had sex a bit with my significant other. She says my penis is to wide it’s 5.4 inches long but 5.8 inches thick. Is my penis to wide?

    • I have a question. I have had sex a bit with my significant other. She says my penis is too wide it’s 5.4 inches long but 5.8 inches thick. Is my penis too wide?
      Do you mean thick, as in diameter, or do you mean girth or circumference. A girth of 5.8 inches would probably be normal. A diameter of 5.8 inches would mean your penis is the size of a small log and would be way too big for an average female.
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