2 Days Only! Free Premium Sleeve for PEGym Members

Stealth Innerwear Premium Sleeve

Stealth Innerwear Premium SleeveStealth for Men is introducing a new accessory for their Steal Innerwear – the Premium Sleeve. And, for 2 days only PEGym members can get this new Premium Sleeve for FREE when they purchase the Stealth for Men Innerwear or Corkscrew.

This promotion starts – August 15th, 2017 at 9:00 AM PST

And ends – August 17th, 2017 at 9:00 AM PST.

The Stealth for Men Premium Sleeve is made of neoprene. It’s thicker and more durable than the regular Jacket and Skin. Plus, it’s only a single layer, making it even more convenient. These normally retail for $15, and for these 48 hours, you can get them for FREE with your purchase.

Use coupon code — FREESLEEVE – at checkout to get yours!


Do you have questions about Stealth for Men Innerwear and/or Corkscrew? Post them on our Stealth for Men Forum Thread. The Stealth rep will be happy to help you!


  1. I don’t really understand why anybody would want to wear this product. What if you got luck on night a you had to take it off before the fun begins, yeesh kind of embarrassing…lady says whats that? Guy says OH just a little thing to make my package look bigger to get your attention….then she says you mean you were tricking me to think your bigger than you are.

    • That’s an interesting point, brett rogers. I’d think it would be pretty easy to take off, in the bathroom, before things progressed to that state. Also, curious what you think when a woman wears a padded bra, then things heat up and you realize she’s really an A-cup, not that nice full C-cup you’d been admiring all night?

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