Make 2016 YOUR Year!

2016-logoOne of the biggest challenges people have to face when working toward a goal is really putting themselves first. We all have a variety of responsibilities that pull at our attention.  Family, friends, work, other commitments, and more means we’re often concerned with what others need, rather than ourselves. We need to change that, if we really want to reach our goals — any goals — penis enlargement, increased stamina and more!

Make 2016 YOUR year!

Make it the year when you decide YOU are worth devoting time to each day. Undivided time. Time where you do the things you need to do, to ensure you’re stepping forward toward reaching your goals.

How do you do this though? How do you “make time” for yourself, when your day’s already jam-packed?

Here are some tips:

  • Put YOU on Your Schedule – You make appointments for lots of important things in your life. You make an appointment to go to the dentist. You make an appointment to have a meeting with your boss. You even make an appointment when you make reservations for dinner. These are dedicated times where you commit to doing something very specific. Make an appointment with yourself, where you specifically will do the activities you need to do to make progress to your goal.
  • Extend Your Day – Do you wish you had more time in your day? Guess what? That’s actually an easy fix! Get up 30 minutes earlier than you normally get up. Although at first it may seem like it’s super-early, that 30 minutes less sleep really won’t be that hard to get used to. If you have a set bed time, you can stay up 30 minutes later also. Either way, take that extra time to devote to activities to achieve your goals, whether that be doing penis exercises or any other goal-related actions.
  • Change Your Habits – We all have “time waster” habits. They often revolve around electronic devices — like television and the Internet. Instead of getting off work and plopping down in front of the boob tube, force yourself to do the things you need to do BEFORE you let yourself watch TV or surf the Internet.
  • Reward Yourself Frequently – When you consistently make time for yourself and do your goal-related activities (like jelqing or pumping), give yourself a small reward. Let yourself know what the reward is going to be ahead of time. Example: If I use my penis pump for X minutes a day, 4 days this week, on Saturday, I’ll treat myself to Y.
  • Remind Yourself You’re Worth It Everyday – Starting off every morning with looking in the mirror and telling yourself you are worth committing the time to reach your goals is one of the most powerful things you can do. Our mindset, and what we think about, truly affects our actions and our outcomes.

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