3 More Days! Bathmate and Phallosan Discounts


small penis bathmateYou only have 3 more days to save. Don’t miss out on these special PEGym member discounts:

Phallosan Forte Package Penis Extender Male Enhancement$10 off Bathmate Bathpump


$10 off Phallosan Forte Extender

The Bathmate Bathpump is our number 1 selling penis pump. If you don’t have time to be consistent with your penis exercise routine, you need a Bathmate Bathpump!  Simply put it on, while in the shower or bath, pump it up, then go about your normal bathing routine! It’s multi-tasking at its finest! You’ll get full expansion along your entire penis shaft, for a thicker, longer and harder penis.

If you want to get an all day stretch, to maximize your penis enlargement results, then you’ll definitely want the Phallosan Forte penis extender. This revolutionary extender is so comfortable, you can wear it for hours, under your clothing, and no one will be the wiser. The Phallosan Forte allows you to get the most from your penis enlargement routine!

These discounts won’t last forever though. These sales codes end SEPTEMBER 7th – so order now!

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