6 Penis Hanging Tips

penis hanging

Fake WeightPenis hanging is an effective way to get the  penis enlargement results you’re looking for. The key to any enlargement gains is due to the force being placed on the penile tissues, resulting in microtears in the cells. These microtears facilitate new cellular growth, as the body naturally repairs them. This is the same thing as happens in body building. With penis hanging, you have a consistent force on the penile tissues.

Following are 6 tips to get the most out of your penis hanging routine.

1. Not for Beginners – Penis hanging isn’t a beginner exercise. It’s too easy to add too much weight or hang for too long — both of which can result in injury. It’s better to start off with a manual routine and/or a more controlled penis enlargement device, like a penis extender. Once your penis is used to being exercised, and you’re used to listening to the signs your body gives to prevent injury, then you’re ready to hang.

2. Start Off Slowly – You wouldn’t hop off the couch and run a marathon without ever training, right? The same is true for penis hanging. Even if you’ve been doing other penis exercises, you still need to start off hanging slowly. Work your way up in weight and time. If you rush things, you can injure yourself!

3. Pain Means STOP – You should never, ever feel acute pain when doing any sort of penis exercises, including penis hanging. If you feel pain – STOP!

4. Always Warm Up – In addition to starting slowly, the best way to prevent injury is to warm up before you hang. Don’t skip this step!!

5. Watch Circulation – Make sure your hanger isn’t preventing blood flow to any part of your penis. You should have rest periods while hanging to restore circulation. Jelqing between hanging sets can help increase circulation.

6. Loose Fitting Pants Are Your Friend – Because hanging is typically done over the course of hours, rather than minutes (as with other penis exercises), a pair of loose fitting pants will allow you to still be mobile while hanging.

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