6 Tips to Ignite the Fireworks in Your Bedroom


As our American members know, Fourth of July is right around the corner. It’s a time for backyard BBQs and night skies filled with fireworks. However, no matter what part of the world you live in, it’s always a good time to ignite fireworks in the bedroom!  Following are six tips to spice up your love life.

It's always a good time of year to ignite fireworks in the bedroom.
It’s always a good time of year to ignite fireworks in the bedroom.
  1. Change it Up – If you have a couple of “go to” positions, that’s OK. It’s good that you’ve found something that works for you and your partner. However, if you want to turn up the heat, try something different. What you may be doing is good — who knows how much better a different position could be until you try! The Internet is a great resource for finding lots of new sexual position ideas. Plus, there’s even an app for that! Cosmopolitan (yup, that girly-girl magazine) has a great Sex Position of the Day app for both iPhone and Android users. If you feel you’re on the smaller size, check out the Positions for a Small Penis section of the article linked.
  2. Kiss Her Like You’re a Teenager – Remember when you were a teenager and just making out for hours was amazing? Kiss her like you did back then. Kiss her like you kissed when making out was your way of convincing her to have sex with you. Put the effort in from the very beginning. Don’t just rush to home base — take your time.
  3. Take the Fireworks Outside of the Bedroom – If your sex life is primarily relegated to the bedroom, try a different room to spice things up. The key here is to not wait until you’re both in bed to start foreplay. Instead, pull her onto your lap on the couch in the living room – join her in the shower – capture her in the kitchen – anywhere but the bedroom can really turn up the heat.
  4. Enjoy Nature – I’ll preface this section with a warning about following laws concerning lude acts in public. However, if you select a secluded spot out in nature, sex outdoors can be amazing! Take a Saturday afternoon hike in the forest (just be sure to choose a private area well away from the main hiking trail).
  5. Be Romantic – You may not need flowers and candy to get in the mood, but I don’t know any woman who doesn’t like to receive a small, token gift  “just because.” Leave her a love note or a card on her windshield, while she’s at work. Surprise her by making dinner. Do something out of the ordinary, and let her know it’s because you love her.
  6. Visit an Adult Shop Together – It is amazing the variety of things available in adult shops. Have fun while you’re in there – laugh and joke. Make a deal that you’ll each choose one thing to buy and take home and try that night! The key here is to select a store that she’ll be comfortable in. Don’t go for the seedy, dimly lit store in the bad part of town. Instead, choose one that is well-lit and looks a little less intimidating… unless your gal likes seedy – then go for it!

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