7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Penis

penis facts

penis factsThe penis is a pretty amazing bit of bioengineering! I like to think After four years here at the PEGym, I like to think I know a little bit about the penis. However, on nearly a daily basis, I’m surprised to learn something new.

Check out the cool things you probably didn’t know about the penis below, then be sure to take our quiz:

How Much Do You Know About the Penis?

  • Semen Extractor – We all know the penis is great for putting semen into things, but did you know it’s also a very effective at removing semen as well? Researchers from SUNY Albany discovered the ridge around the head of the penis is designed to remove semen from previous copulations, as you’re thrusting in and out of your partner.
  • Brain Dominance Detector – You’ve likely heard the phrase “left-brained” or “right-brained.” Left-brained people are typically right-handed and are more logical. Right-brained people are typically left-handed and are better with visual information and picking up on contextual clues. Your penis is an excellent brain dominance detector! If your penis hangs to the left, you’re most likely left-brained. If it hangs to the right, you’re likely right-brained!
  • Headless Horseman – This one makes me a bit squeamish to think about, and I bet it’s worse for the male readers, but your penis is able to fully function, even if the glans is removed. Whether by tragic accident or necessary surgery (such as in the cases of penile cancer). Your penis can still get erect, ejaculate and urinate, even without the head.
  • Ejaculation Sans Erection – Your penis can ejaculate semen even when flaccid. The process of ejaculation is tied to your pelvic muscles and is not dependent on an erection. Of course, it may be more difficult to get to the ejaculatory phase of sexual stimulation without an erection, but it’s not impossible. If you’d like to know more about erectile dysfunction, check out our article: Need an Erectile Dysfunction Cure? Never Suffer From Impotence Again
  • Long Shot – According to famed sexual researcher, Alfred Kinsey, the penis can shoot semen up to 8 feet away!
  • Use it Or Lose it – The penis will actually shrink if not used on a regular basis. Without regular erections, the penile tissues become less elastic. This can lead to a loss of up to 2 centimeters in penis length!
  • Your Penis Used to be a Clitoris – All fetuses start off female, and it’s not until the Y chromosome triggers those male hormones that the original clitoris changes and becomes a penis. That thin seam that runs from the scrotum to the anus? Known as the “raphe,” it’s actually the remains of where the vaginal lips fused in utero.

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