Eight Famous Penises in History

rasputin penis
Rasputin's penis on display.

Who doesn’t love lists? This has to be one of the more interesting — eight of the most famous (and infamous) penises.

  1. rasputin penis
    Rasputin’s penis on display.

    Grigori Rasputin – This Russian mystic and advisor to the czar (and his wife) also had a prodigious penis! Measuring at an impressive 13 inches, visitors can still view it at the Russian Museum of Erotica, in St. Petersburg, where it’s kept on display, in a jar.

  1. Errol Flynn – This swashbuckling actor was the epitome of American playboy (despite being Australian born), complete with a large, well-used penis. Flynn once took his penis out at a party and used it on a piano, while singing “You are My Sunshine.”

    chamberlain penis
    Wilt Chamberlain bedded more than 20,000 women.
  1. John Holmes – Sometimes known as “Johnny Wadd,” was best known for his large penis. Although his agent purported it to be 13 1/2 inches long, an ex-wife stated it was only 10 inches. Either way, it’s one of the most famous penises in porn history.
  1. Frank Sinatra – Ol’ Blue Eyes was more than just an amazing singer and a great actor. This Rat Pack member, had a member the ladies talked about. Sinatra’s ex-wife, Ava Gardner, once said, “He only weighs 120 pounds, but 100 pounds is cock.”
  1. Wilt Chamberlain – This NBA superstar was a hit both on and off the court. His massive penis serviced more than 20,000 women, according to Chamberlain’s personal account.
  1. John Bobbitt –Bobbitt was a victim of penile amputation in 1993. His wife, Lorena, cut it off while he was sleeping, then drove away from their apartment and through the penis out the
    John Hamm penis
    John Hamm and his infamous penis.

    car window into a field. Lorena cited spousal abuse and rape as her motive; however John was found not guilty of these charges. Luckily for him, his penis was found and was able to be reattached.

  1. John Hamm – Mad Men star and obviously well-hung, John Hamm appears to be in favor of going commando, making his penis infamous. As Cosmopolitan quipped, “Jon Hamm’s penis walks into a room at least five minutes before Jon Hamm does.”
  1. Napoleon Bonaparte – Infamous ruler of France, Bonaparte may not have been able to conquer the world, but his legend and supposedly his penis go on. In 2008, the New York Times reported that Bonaparte’s mummified penis was discovered in the private collection of a deceased Manhattan urologist.

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