8 Tips For Buying a Great Christmas Gift (or Any Other Holiday, for that Matter)

tips to pick the perfect christmas gift

tips to pick the perfect christmas giftThe holidays are a stressful time of year for many reasons. One of the most common reasons guys give for being stressed out is the dread of gift giving!

If you’ve ever asked your partner, “What do you want for Christmas?” and got a non-answer, you know how frustrating this can be. You  just want to get them something they’d like… something they want. Why can’t women just say, “Please buy me X.”? Wouldn’t that be so much easier!

You’re not alone.

But, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. That old adage about gift giving — It’s the thought that counts. — is correct!

Most women want you to put some thought and some effort into choosing their gift. In fact, most would prefer a gift they never even thought of, that you clearly put a lot of thought into, than something they’ve hinted at (or directly asked for).

So, to help you out, here are our eight top tips for buying a great Christmas gift (or any other holiday gift, for that matter!)

  1. Think About Your Partner – Really sit down and think about what your partner likes. This includes what they like to do. Do they like to garden or cook or ski? Do they like owls or yoga or wine?
  2. Think Outside the Box – Once you’ve thought about your partner and their likes, try not to go for the obvious associated present. Example – Your wife likes to cook. Don’t go for a kitchen gadget, instead look for a cooking experience! Maybe a food tour of local restaurants (many cities have tour companies that do this) or a gourmet cooking class (if you have a Williams Sonoma near you, they have fun ones each month!)
  3. Make it a Couples Experience Gift – Chances are, there is something your partner would love to do, and you’re just not into it. Salsa dancing lessons. A couples massage. Paint and wine.  Tickets to an upcoming musical. Maybe even a couples mani-pedi. These kind of girly things have a lot of guys cringing. So, what better gift – than one where you’re actually giving of yourself too! Going out of your way to make your partner happy adds something extra special to your gift!
  4. Pay Attention – Most women will try to at least hint at things they want as a gift. But, I’ll admit, sometimes we’re too subtle. Again, we don’t want to tell you what we want – because we want some thought being put into the gift. But, we also don’t want to be disappointed Christmas morning. So, pay attention! Take your gal to the mall and pay attention to the things she shows interest in. If you have a hard time remembering things – text yourself a note with the items she likes, as you guys shop – or snap a sly photo!
  5. Talk to Her Mom and/or Friends – There is absolutely nothing wrong with enlisting the help of your partner’s mom and/or friends, when it comes to brainstorming an idea for a great present. If you have an idea you’re not sure about, these gals can also be a great sounding board to bounce your gift ideas off of!
  6. Do Some Cyber Sleuthing – You can find out a lot about a complete stranger, with some creative cyber sleuthing – the same is true for your best gal! Look at the products and pages she has Liked on Facebook. See who she’s followed and Liked on Instagram. Check out her Pinterest account to see the things she’s Pinned. All of these can give you ideas for gifts she’d like!
  7. Be Sentimental – Think about gifts that make you think of your partner or of special times you’ve spent together. One of my favorite presents MrKimberly got me was a mix-set of MP3s of all the songs that reminded him of me. This included a song from when we were first dating, that always seemed to come on every time we got into the car.
  8. Stay Away from Practical – OK, if your girlfriend has been talking about how much she really wants a new iron, don’t make that the only gift you give her.  Yes, if she really wants something – even a household appliance – get it. But, also think of something else a little more special, to really show her how much you love her.

What are your suggestions for picking the perfect gift for your partner? What gifts have you given in the past that your woman loved? What have you given that they hated?

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