A Bigger Penis: Yes It’s Possible

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If you’re looking for a bigger penis, you’ve come to the right place. The PEGym is a website that aims to encompass everything related to improving the penis.

In this article, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro discusses what it takes to obtain a larger penis through exercise.  Also discussed are time requirements and penis size averages.

A Bigger Penis, Yes It's PossibleAbout the Expert: AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

AJ “Big Al” Alfaro has been featured on MSNBC, CNN, Salon.com, The “Jon Melichar Show,” The Boston Phoenix, Men’s Wellness News, and other media outlets. He is the head personal penis trainer at Male Enhancement Coach.

On this site, you’ll find resources that range from free guides, to thousands of experienced members on our penis forums, all building a bigger penis.

A Note On Penis Size

There’s nothing wrong with getting the most out of what you got. But before you overtrain your penis by exercising it more than an hour a day, know that the average penis size is often misunderstood.

Many men who have an average-size penis think they are small. Whether it is due to a comment that a partner made, or the fact that another man in the locker room had a bigger penis than them, a lot of guys think they’re smaller than they really are.

As the editor of Penis Exercises, Rob Michaels, says, “Pornography adds to this thinking.  In the porn industry, men are often hired because they are well-endowed. For many men, the penis in Black Cock Down or Saving Ryan’s Privates is the only other erect penis they have to compare too—which is an unrealistic picture of what average really is. Keep that in mind in your quest for a bigger penis.”

The Time it Takes to Build a Bigger Penis

The time it takes men to build a bigger penis through exercise varies significantly. Like all forms of exercise, the time you put in is up to you. Some men exercise their penis for only a few minutes every other day or less. Others have been known to exercise for multiple hours a day.  The later can be very dangerous without serious conditioning, whereas the former is usually not enough to see a siginficant increase in size.

watch, time for me - A Bigger Penis, Yes It's Possible
Growing a bigger penis takes time, but it IS possible to accomplish if you are willing to work for it!

Some men don’t have enough time to exercise the penis regularly.  Instead, they partake in sporadic PE — exercising their penis without a consistent routine.  This sporadic type of penis enlargement method has worked for some men who were building a bigger penis. However, it may not work for you. In the end, you need to decide how often you want to exercise.

Just keep in mind that exercising too much can be detrimental and even potentially dangerous. In the beginning, you’ll want to start out extremely light and work your way up.  Slow and steady not only helped the turtle win the race, it’s also a great principle to following when building a bigger penis.

Average Penis Size Gain

Penile exercising gains vary from person-to-person.  The largest reported gain was from a man who started with 4.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in girth.  After roughly two years of penile exercising, he worked his way up to 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth, which is fives times of a bigger penis than his original size.

There are several occurrences of men adding 3, 4 and even 5 inches to their penis. Nevertheless, not all men are so lucky nor so dedicated.  According to our penis enlargement survey, the men that exercised for three months or more gained on average: 1 inch in length, and a half an inch in girth (1″ X .5″).

Translating this into volume, the men who exercised their penis for three months or more increased their penis size by an average of 42 percent, which is nearly half a size bigger than what they started with!

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AJ “Big Al” Alfaro. AJ is the lead trainer on PEGym.com. He is also the founder of MaleEnhancementCoach.com. He has been featured on MSNBC, CNN, Salon.com, Men’s Health, as well as a growing number of journals. AJ has more than 2 decades of experience helping men reach their male enhancement goals. He is also the author of several books, including “For Men Only“, “How To Get Incredibly Huge and Super Strong Naturally”, and “StrengthBodybuilding.”


  1. For sugerey is a lazy way of getting gain think bout it they cant only only take so much fat away with lypo but if u work yo ass off u cant get a six pack yeah it takes longuera but look at the results

  2. “The largest reported gain was from a man who started with 4.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in girth. After roughly two years of penile exercising, he worked his way up to 8 inches in length…”
    Two lines below “There are several occurrences of men adding 3, 4 and even 5 inches to their penis”.

    How is it that the largest reported gain was from 4,5 to 8 inches in length, that makes the gain a 3,5 inches one, but there are several occurences of gains up to 5 inches …

    a part from the contradiction of that paragraph, gains of 2 inches are considered nearly impossibile by the medical community. We are talking of surgeons who makes tons om money performing penis enlargement procedures. Isn’i it peculiar that if you plan surgery, 5.000 – 10.000 dollars, you get it very clear that the gain you can reasonably expect is 1-2 inches if you are lucky and perform all the stretching exercises post op, and you could add up to 5 inches with only excercises?

  3. This article needs to be on the front page. For all us newbies and even those that have worked out for a while but aren’t reaching their goals immediately, this is a great article to remind us and encourage us to keep going. Maybe renaming the article to “A Bigger Penis: Yes It’s Possible, with Time and Dedication” will help it’s rating.

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