A New Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction – Roman Changes Everything!

Roman, A New Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

happy guy penis enlargementLet’s be honest, having erection problems is… in one word… embarrassing.

Your penis and your erection is intrinsically tied to your sense of your own manhood. It’s the number one reason why so many men either don’t seek medical help at all. In fact, only 30% of men who experience ED get it treated!

Some turn to buying risky (and illegal) drugs from over the Internet. But, this is playing Russian roulette with your life. 80% of Viagra purchased online is counterfeit. It can be something harmless – and ineffective. Or, it can be laced with something deadly. Either way, without a physician reviewing your unique medical history, you don’t know what the appropriate dosage is – if you’re healthy enough to take ED meds – or if they’re going to interact with any other medication or supplements you may be taking.

This is where Roman changes everything!

Now, with Roman’s telemedicine technologies, you get real, live doctors WITH the convenience (and less embarrassment!) of the Internet!

Oh… and the cost savings is AMAZING!

If You Have Erection Problems, Here’s How Roman Works

Getting ED treatment online, with Roman is so easy!

  1. Roman, A New Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Discreetly5-Minute Online Visit – You start with a easy 5-minute, online visit. This is where the medical professionals at Roman gather your medical history, current medication, allergies, and your symptoms. If you have a medication preference, you can let the physician know it.
  2. Take a Photo & Show Your ID – You verify your identity by taking a photo of yourself and your photo ID.
  3. A Licensed US Physician Review – A U.S. licensed physician will then review your answers, to ensure ED medication is not only safe for you, but also appropriate. If they have any follow-up questions, they will ask them.
  4. Your Erectile Dysfunction Medication Delivered to Your Home or Pick Up At Your Pharmacy – If the physician prescribes erectile dysfunction medication for you, you can choose whether to have your meds delivered right to you, in Roman’s discreet packaging, with automatic refills monthly or quarterly (with free shipping!). Or, you can pick up your prescription at your preferred pharmacy.
  5. 365 Support – If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can call or chat online with Roman’s pharmacist or medical team, at any time!

Save Money with Roman and Your Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Not only will you save face using Roman’s online medical service, but you’ll also save money!

Your online visit with the Roman medical team is only $15.

Yes – just $15!

Even with insurance, it’s likely your co-pay alone for a traditional office visit would be more than that.  Plus, you have the hassle of having to make an appointment, then sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting to be seen. (Which, if your doctor is anything like mine, can mean waiting 5 minutes or an hour!) You have to drive there – take time off work, likely.

With Roman, there’s no office visit. You can do the online visit any time of day. And, it’s just $15.

Real U.S. doctors.



Cost savings.


It’s about time technology made this leap forward!

Roman, A New Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Discreetly



  1. Will Romin write the prescription and send it to my mail-in pharmacy for a three month supply with three additional renewals where the cost will be covered by my prescription plan? Or, do I have to pay $15 per month for a new prescription.

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