The Advantages of Pulse Penis Pumping

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penis pumpThis great article on pulse pumping is written by one of our Super Moderators – not2big. not2big has helped thousands of men over the last six years at PEGym. Thanks, not2big, for your contribution!

There are two basic ways to pump your penis – static or dynamic pumping. not2big discusses the differences between static and dynamic (pulse) pumping. He then explains the benefits of pulse pumping.

Static Penis Pumping

Static penis pumping involves pumping up to a specific vacuum level and leaving it there for the duration of the session. The most recommended vacuum level is between 4 and 5 inches of mercury (hg). The recommended maximum duration of a session to avoid excess edema is 20 minutes for an experienced pumper.

During the session, the vacuum causes excess blood to flow into the penile chambers and, to a lesser extent, causes lymph fluid and interstitial fluid to slowly build up around the individual cells of the penis tissue known as edema. Edema is a natural reaction to the differential in internal and external pressure caused by the vacuum and is not harmful unless the build up becomes excessive. Excess edema generates puffiness and in extreme cases, bruising.bruising and possibly blisters.

As these fluids build up, the overall volume of the penis increases. As the size of the penis expands it displaces the air inside the vacuum cylinder thus causing the vacuum level to decrease. Accordingly, additional air needs to be pumped out occasionally in order to maintain the vacuum at the desired level (ex, 5 hg).

Dynamic Penis Pumping

Dynamic penis pumping, otherwise known as pulse pumping, involves the same theory as static pumping; however, instead of leaving the vacuum at a constant level throughout the session, it involves periodically changing from a high level (ex 5 hg) to a low level (ex 2 hg). I personally recommend pumping up to 5 hg for five minutes and then lowering the vacuum to 2 hg to thirty seconds. The cycle should be repeated two more time during the session.

Benefits of Pulse Pumping Over Static Pumping

One of the benefits pulse pumping has over dynamic pumping is that it generates more penile engorgement than static pumping over the same time frame.
In an experiment conducted by another PE web site A control pumper quickly pumped up to 5 hg and maintained the vacuum level at 5 hg for the entire session.

The pulse pumper slowly increased the vacuum to 5 hg and left it there for five minutes and then reduced to 1 hg for thirty seconds before returning to 5 hg for another five minutes and repeated the process throughout the session.

Using precisely measured water in both cylinders the results showed that the pulse pumper had a 33% greater increase in volume.

This fluid flow and gain process that creates enlargement is restricted by the pumping operation itself, in these three ways:

  • As swelling takes place, tissues are engorged- including those of the passageways bringing fluid in, actually reducing the diameters of those passageways.
  • There is a pinching pressure attempting to close these passageways right at the point where the cylinder entry meets your body. The passageways are part of the tissue being compressed by the sealing surface of the tube.
  • It is further complicated by another easily demonstrated process, that of “vacuum collapse”. Take a soft tube, and connect it to your vac pump. With an open end, it will suck indefinitely. Now squeeze the tube down in the middle. As the opening gets narrower, two things happen. One, the flow through the restriction reduces- and two, the vac level on the restricted portion increases. There comes a point where the internal vacuum itself pulls the tube closed- and all flow stops.

All of these conditions combine to either restrict or stop the process of enlargement. The longer the condition lasts, the tighter the restriction can get- and thereby further reducing the level of effectiveness, ultimately ending effective time altogether. The issue is one of making all the time in the pump effective time, and maximizing the level of that effectiveness.

Another important aspect of pulse pumping is that it mimics the natural process your penis goes through every night that we refer to as night wood. Accordingly, pulse pumping has a healthy aspect to it that static pumping lacks. In this connection it may benefit those suffering from low EQ or ED.


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