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girth vs lengthBig Al, of, answers questions about All Day Stretchers, the length first and girth second theory, and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q: Do you have trainees that have used All Day Stretchers for any extended length of time?…

… What have been the gains, if any? Has anyone gotten injured? Why do you think I should go the ADS route instead of extremely light progressive hanging with the LG at this point in time?

Big Al:  Some have seen results, although it’s something that you’d have to wear for a significant amount of time (both daily and over the weeks and months to come) for it to show any significant results. It’s a very passive way of training, but the loads are low so expect a significant time investment.  This type of device might work much better if you pre-exhausted wearing one with some intense manual stretches.

EDITOR NOTE: The LG Hanger has the advantage of being able to add weights, to give you a more intense hanging workout.

Q2:  What about “length first, girth second” theory and…

… to “never do girth work while hanging?

Big Al:  I disagree with both of those theories.

Q3: Everything I’ve read, and I mean EVERYTHING, says…

… do not do both length and girth work at the same time. It is well documented, with injuries (serious ones) on record from doing both at the same time. It’s simply too much for the penis to handle. Plus, it’s supposed to be easier to stretch a thinner cord than a thicker one. It’s documented that girthier guys have more trouble gaining length. So, why do you disagree with these theories?

Big Al: I’ve been recommending combination routines with very good results to clients for over 17 years.  First, NONE of ANY initial training should be so intense you’d risk hurting yourself.  ANY initial work should be done within a trainee’s comfort zone.  That should allow one to accomplish all of the exercises in one sitting without issue.

Comparing a penis to a cord is not accurate.  Many well-meaning people attempt to compare the penis to malleable solids like plastics and metals to explain the tissue deformation effect.  The problem with that is that the penis is not made of plastic or metal, but of ORGANIC tissues set up in layers of completely different types of structures.

Girthier men have more of a challenge in gaining length for much the same reason a man with a more robust physique would need to train with higher loads (heavier weights) to achieve proportional results- there’s more tissue to work with.  This actually vindicates the idea of combining girth and length in one session- as this helps the tunica (usually considered the most restrictive portion of the penis to train, especially for girth) expand more.

The reasoning behind doing all of the exercises in one session- and in the particular order that they’re in is because they allow the exercises to work synergistically.  I’ve even written an article about it (here:  From the article:

Here’s a summary of the order and the description of what each aspect of training accomplishes:

  • Warm up– imparts blood flow and heats up (softens) tissues in preparation for safer, more efficient training
  • Girth work– more blood flow and concentrated tissue expansion, also helps to stretch the tunica (making length work more productive)
  • Length work– to target the penis (tunica, corpora, corpus, etc. as well as the suspensory and fundiform ligs)
  • Stamina work– (the feeder portion of the workout where massive amounts of blood are sent to the genitals for heat, further stretching, and recovery in the removal of built up toxins like lactic acid
  • Warm down– maintains tissue expansion, further promotes blood flow and removal of built up toxins

Girth exercises are usually done before length exercises, as doing girth work immediately after intense stretches may be difficult.

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