Amount of Time Spent Penis Exercising

Clock set for action - amount of time spent penis exercising

How long had the men been penile exercising?

Stop watch - amount of time spent penis exercising

Question 2 asked: Approximately how long have you been using natural penis enlargement techniques, TOTAL?For example, if you started penile exercising over three years ago, but only penile exercised for a TOTAL of six months during the three years, then your answer would be “5-6 months.”

The answer choices & number of votes:

Less than a week :24
one – two weeks :32
three – four weeks :33
one – two months :57
three – four months 88
five – six months :70
seven – eight months :37
nine – ten months :23
eleven – twelve months :30
thirteen – eighteen months:46
nineteen – twenty-four months :29
two – three years :42
More than three years :33

This is the eighth installment of the Penis Enlargement Survey.

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