An Open Letter to My Fellow Ladies: Please Stop Talking About Your Partner’s Penis Size

stop talking about penis sizeDear Fellow Femalekind,

Please, for not only the sake of the general male populace’s psyche, but for our happiness as well, stop talking about your partner’s penis size.

Don’t call it “cute.”

Don’t compare it to other penises you’ve had in the past or seen in porn.

Definitely, in the heat of anger, don’t think a derogatory remark on his size is an appropriate insult to sling.

It’s not nice. It’s not helpful. And, we all pay for it, in the long run.

Forget cyber-bullying – penis size comments have done more harm then all the snarky, mean girl Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat posts combined!

I’ve been a part of the PEGym family for more than 7 years now, and at first, I thought snide “small dick” comments were only made rarely. That, sure, there were bitchy, immature girls out there who callously told their partner about a HUGE ex or that they blatantly wish their BFs dick was bigger — but they were few and far between, right? I mean, why would you try to make someone you care about feel bad?

Sadly, my years of talking to tens of thousands of members has realized one truth — these kinds of comments happen quite frequently. And, the result is often the same — a guy doubting his self-worth, with increased physical insecurities, as some girl has just taken a swipe at the most personal part of him – his penis.

So, what harm can these comments really do? Shouldn’t men be a little less sensitive? Sticks and stones and all of that?

The reality is a guy can’t unhear a comment that even implies that his penis is less-than-desirable. Not only, as I mentioned before, does it negatively affect his self-image, but this self-doubt affects every aspect of his life. Romantic relationships suffer. If he’s in one with the girl who has made the comment, he worries that he’s not enough man for her and that she’s unhappy and is going to leave him. This hurt and insecurity often leads to jealousy and anger. It’s often the beginning of the end of the relationship.

Even if she apologizes and tries to reassure him that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his manhood, he’ll always remember the hurtful comment.

You can’t unring that bell.

This insecurity can even negatively affect other personal and professional relationships.

Ladies, think of it this way. Would you want your partner to say something negative about your breast size? Maybe comment that his ex had nicer, perkier breasts? How would it feel if he said he thought your labia were a little long and floppy? Or that he really prefers a tighter vagina? What about even a simple comment about your weight – that his ex had abs he could bounce a quarter off of – or the perfect ass?

Obviously, we don’t want our partner to talk about how they like something on their ex more than on us. Even in the heat of the moment, or after a bad breakup, we don’t want them going to their buddies to say our ass was riddled with cellulite or we gave crappy blow jobs or our boobs were saggy.

Let’s use the Golden Rule when it comes to talking about men’s penises.

“But, Kimberly,” you say. “What if my partner asks me about his size or sizes of my exes? What do I do?!?”

First – MEN: STOP DOING THIS!!!!! Seriously – STOP! It’s like a woman asking you, “Does this dress make me look fat?” Or, “Do you think she’s pretty?” It’s a loaded question.

Second – Answer with this, “I’ve never paid attention to size. All I know is you rock my world, baby!!”

So, please, ladies – let’s make 2018 a kinder, happier year by making a vow to never discuss the size of a guy’s penis again. The world will definitely be a better place! 

And, remember, happy men are more likely to make us happy! 😀


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Fellow Ladies: Please Stop Talking About Your Partner’s Penis Size

  1. Thanks for the article – so true. “So, what harm can these comments really do? Shouldn’t men be a little less sensitive? Sticks and stones and all of that?” Yeah, even tough men have weak spots – and penis size seems to be for most men’s ego and their balls for their physical strength. You insult his dick, you shutter his ego. You grab his balls, you paralyze his physical strength. Samson’s Hair.

  2. With all my respect,do you think some womes will listen to this post?.
    Seriously,of course it will be womans who will and agree,but a lot won’t.They won’t care and they won’t learn.Is sad but I am sure those womans want that desire to have the control on a big penis.We all know that some desires subpass the mind and we feed them,the desires i mean.
    So those womans will always want their dream come true.
    Sad but true, and, for their desire to be fulfilled, many ruptures will occur.

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