Applying Heat to the Penis and Size Increase

Does a warm up help with gains? Our penis survey set to find out.

Question 13 asked: “When penile exercising do you start with a warm-up/hot wrap/ or any form of heating of the penis?”

All four answer groups had a fairly even number of votes, leaving less room for error:

  • 162 people answered “Yes, Always”
  • 168 people answered “Most of the time, yes”
  • 120 people answered “Rarely”
  • 94 people answered “No.”

All the groups gained, on average, around 4 cubic inches. Accordingly, there wasn’t much difference between the groups that did use a warm up and the groups that did not. See Figure 1, below, for a visual perspective.

A Deeper Perspective

For a better insight, the answer choices were separated into two groups. Group one consisted of the men that used a warm-up “most of the time,” or “Always.” Group two consisted of the men that used a warm-up “Rarely,” or “not at all. The no group gained slightly more (.25 cubic inches) than the yes group.

However, this does not mean you should throw away your heating pad and infrared lamp. Using a warm-up is the safest known way to penile exercise. Without a warm-up, there is most likely a greater chance of negative side effects and overtraining injuries.

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2 thoughts on “Applying Heat to the Penis and Size Increase

  1. There is a correlation between increased newbie PE gains and heat. For PE veterans, the correlation cant’ be demonstrated. However, I still agree, heat is important & most veterans agree too.

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