Are Penis Enlargement Exercises Safe?

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Are Penis Enlargement Exercises SafePenis exercising is as healthy for your penis as running is for your heart. In fact, the main basis for this site is improving overall sexual health.

As with all exercising, accidents can happen, especially if you’re new to penis exercises. However, when exercises are performed properly, for an appropriate duration and at an appropriate intensity, penis exercises are as safe as any other exercises you do for other parts of your body.

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Overtraining is one of the most common issues that lead to injury — and one of the easiest issues to avoid. Overtraining can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction (in which case, the penis is exhausted and needs a few days to recover).

To avoid overtraining accidents, you should:

  • Take it slow. Penis enlargement takes time.  Jumping into penile exercising at full speed is not only dangerous, but maybe even detrimental to growth.
  • Use common sense. The number one rule of penile exercising: if in doubt, cut it out. Trust your instincts.
  • Avoid pain. If at anytime you feel pain, stop immediately.
Penile exercises don’t just work for penis enlargement. There are dozens of other benefits — from increased stamina to harder erections and more! When performed correctly, they are incredibly safe.


  1. I am sceptical about any devises you attach to your dick so I have started jeqling which is totally manual. Read quite a few articles on the internet about this and it would seem that it does work if a proper routine is followed. The downside is that it takes time, usually a minimum of 6 months before any noticeable results and even then they can be fairly minor. I will give it a try anyway and see what happens. Some guys claim amazing increases after a year or two, seems a long time but would be worth it if true!

  2. Hi Guys, I do some answering to guys either with ED or with small penis’s, always have seny them here, this site is great, tell them its not a quick fix, it will take time, never rush or push the program, and last remember these exercises do have rules, stick to them or you could end up with ED, and we don’t want that do we.
    And do have a look the photos on site, as this should encourage your for future size growth and take your own photos.
    Good Luck

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