5 Answers to the Questions How to Get a Bigger Penis


5 Answers to the Questions How to Get a Bigger Penis

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A man’s penis is his most sensitive body part and the one that ignites his deepest fears. Apart from health issues, the #1 problem all men share is focused on their size. Penis size is one of the most delicate issues for men. After all, who didn’t ask themselves ‘Am I big enough?’. Given the fact the average size of an erect penis is between 5 and 7 inches, most guys are normal. Yet, we all want to be bigger, so here are the available options.

Penis extenders

By the sound of these, they are perfect to help you grow one or two inches. A penis extender is a device you put on the penis and in time, it will help you get more length. The extender works by stretching the tissues, applying pressure on the corpora cavernosa of the penis. This stimulates cell growth and blood flow, which are going to give you a bigger penis. Penis extenders can also be used to correct a curved penis. Opposed to many other penis enlargement methods, the length and girth enlargement due to an extender is permanent.

Lose weight and trim your pubes

One of the easiest ways to enlarge your penis is to do it visually. Fat accumulated around your pubic area is going to make your penis look smaller. Losing weight can help you gain as much as two inches, as the fat in the pubic area can literally drown your member.
Pubic hair also has this effect, so if you want to look bigger, just trim the pubes.

Mind your cardiovascular health

Many men don’t actually reach their maximum erection capacity, because they can’t get enough blood into the area. Smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and being overweight are all potential causes of poor blood flow in the genital area. To be able to reach your full potential, make sure your cardiovascular system is in top shape. You can also embrace cardio training, which, mixed with a healthy eating regime, can help you stay in top shape.

Lotions and potions

There are many ads for lotions and creams that are supposed to enlarge your penis. Some of them are effective, some are not and some might actually be dangerous for your health. It all depends on their content. Most of the creams for penis enlargement contain substances that increase the blood flow in the area, such as hormones, herbs or oils. The biggest risk with these products is to get a rash or other type of dermatological reaction on your penis skin.


Apart from traditional exercising, you can try some targeted exercises, such as jelqing. They aim at increasing the blood flow in the area, to help you achieve maximum length during erection. As these exercises involve massaging the penis, you need to make sure not to get too rough and injure yourself.

Embrace a healthy lifestyle and take care of your cardiovascular system to keep your member healthy and erect.

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