Erection After Stop and Starts, How to Measure Your Pressure with the Bathmate & More: Ask the Experts

ask the experts

ask the expertsBig Al, of, answers questions about getting an erection after stop and starts, how to measure your pressure with the Bathmate and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. Getting an erection again after stop and starts…

…in order to enter the pump could get difficult for me. Should I wait a few minutes after stop and
starts until I’m able to regain one again? I’ll be looking for some great girth gains this time around!

Big Al: Attempt to maintain as much of an erection as you can without strain.  The more you get used to training this way, the better equipped you’ll be for when you’re ready to expand the pumping into its own session. (Reference: )

Q. How do I measure the pressure on the Bathmate?…

…I just pumped until no more water came out my last session.

Big Al: Enter the Bathmate penis pump with an erection and set the device flush against your pubic bone.  Note where the gauge tracks your length.  Begin pumping- each increment should measure the pressure change in mm Hg.

Q. Is it okay to perform the Squeeze…

…with a reverse grip on one of my hands? I feel I can squeeze a lot better and with less fatigue that way.

Big Al: As long as the exercise form doesn’t suffer, it’s fine.  If it IMPROVES both the form and feel of the exercise then stick with the change.

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