Grip Slippage When Doing Penis Exercises & More: Ask the Experts

grip for penis exercises

grip for penis exercisesBig Al, of, answers questions about grip slippage and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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My grip keeps slipping on the side to sides…

…so I started supporting the shaft gently with my other fingers while my thumb and pointer finger grasped the head. Is that alright?

Big Al: That’s fine as long as you first retract any excess skin before setting your grip, place your hand behind the glans, and use just enough grip strength to accomplish the stretch.  You can use a small towel to pad and protect your grip.

I’ve tried the towel but I still find my grip slipping somewhat…

…and I’m having to regrip. Sometimes when trying to maintain an erection for the exercises I inadvertently can get really close to cumming so maybe doing the stop and starts on the days in between would be better?

Big Al: Portions of rubber matting or silicone sheets cut into usable sizes might be even better.

The getting close to ejaculation issue should adjust itself after a few sessions.  If you don’t feel the situation becoming more controllable after that please let me know and we’ll further adjust your routine.

There’s going to be a short period of adjustment until you develop some mastery over the exercises.  Once you do you’ll have the form and execution of them down pat and should even be able to perform them in an almost instinctive manner.

Q. I just did my latest measurements. I feel like the Bathmate is having an affect on my EQ…

…so I took a few days off. Also I am not doing stop and starts simply because I am not too focused on my stamina. My main goal is to grow 2 inches in length and not so much in girth but maybe a 1/2 inch. I was thinking about purchasing an extender as well as continuing the exercises.

Big Al: The stamina training at the end of a workout is meant to aid the enlargement and recovery process as well.  Unless you’re sexually active you should be performing the stamina work as instructed.

Your EQ hasn’t improved either- which alone should give you motivation to perform that training.  This is going to be especially important for you in these last two weeks- where you’ll be drastically increasing your training frequency.  Substandard EQ can cause issues at the next stage.

An extender, like the Phallosan Forte, may be useful for future training but you should finish this cycle first before considering any changes.

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