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mecoach logoBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers a question about R jelqs, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I did R’s jelqs for about 2 months…

… In about a week I was up to one hour. During that period I did have improvements in both length and girth. I then had a break, as I was with my girlfriend. I have done the new session since 7th June. I think the no gains part is due to too little activity in the current routine. I also feel the R’s jelqs were more effective, although time consuming.

Big Al: The unforeseen problems in training often come from not doing the most fundamental things.   The challenge is that “feel” is an internal concept and often difficult to quantify.  That’s why you can do everything else right in a routine- increase reps, tension, etc. over time and not make gains.

We can start with a basic R’s Jelq Routine

  • Warm up >
  • Jelqs- performed with moderate lube and ~70% erection for length and girth >
  • Kegels >
  • Stop and Starts >
  • Warm down

You can begin with 100 reps performed solely with the feel of the exercise in mind.  Maximum tissue stretch/expansion should be the end goal of the exercise. The initial part of the exercise should be felt in the basal ligaments (length) and the pressure of feeling blood well into the glans. On that note, intensity should be kept low and at not time should ANY pain be felt in the glans!

The kegels and Stop and Starts should also be given over to a purity of form.  This is best done when the mind is clear, so the development of the visualization portion of training should also be given priority.

Once progress is made in mastering the feel of the exercise, then you can begin moving up in reps.  The EQ stat is going to be an important monitor to gauge how things are going with your progress and recovery (in addition to bi-monthly measurements).

Another benefit- even with a warm up and warm down, this entire routine should be able to be performed in less than 1/2 hour.

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