PC Muscle Strength Training & EQ Problems with Stamina Training: Ask the Experts

poor erection quality

poor erection qualityBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about strength training for the PC muscle and reduced erection quality following stamina training, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. The new Super Kegel approach definitely makes a difference!…

… I can feel my endurance building fast with this one!  What can I do for strength training the PC muscle?

Big Al: The super kegel offers the extreme end of muscular endurance training for the PC muscle.  The Towel Raise covers the other end of the spectrum- muscular strength and precision/timing.

Q. For stamina training I did 30 kegels after and was not paying attention…

…and did them pretty fast.  My erection was fading throughout the workout. That night I attempted some Stop and Starts and had trouble getting an erection. When I was able to it was only 80%. and it was softening quickly. I was able to finish but only on a 60 percent erection.  What happened?

Big Al: You mentioned not paying attention while Kegeling, and following that up with the Stop and Start when you’re already distracted would lead to a less than productive session.  Too many of those and you can begin to experience negative conditioning from your training.  You’re already showing concern over this- and continued, that can grow into anxiety.

The instructions on what to do in this case is to condition yourself each session to focus your mind on your training.  There’s really no shortcut around this.  It’s not to be expected that you’ll be able to do this with compete focus each time, but like any form of conditioning it has to be practiced in f progress is to be made.  If you’re extremely distracted due to outside pressures it would be better for you to postpone your training until you can ensure focus than to attempt to train through it.

There is no more fundamental part of good training than to ensure you’re focusing on getting as much as you can out of each movement.  There are places for training where 100% focus isn’t required, but stamina exercises aren’t in that category.


  1. Sir i am doing uli or erectc penis squeeze from some time 2 or 3 months ago i saw some blood clots inside my penis skin they are not increasing nor they are going away i dont have any kind of pain in my penis and i am having proper erections also but i am afraid due to the clots please help me.. I have done uli exercise again after noticing those clots i didnt feel any pain there but they are not going away so please tell me what it is and is it dangerous

    • If you ever experience anything that is concerning to you, you should always seek out a medical professional. As with any exercise, penis exercises may result in injury if done incorrectly, too vigorously, or with too much frequency. Some negative physiological indicators subside with proper rest days. I’d encourage you to talk to a doctor, if you’re still having these symptoms. Also, come on over to our Beginner’s forum — https://www.pegym.com/forums/beginners-forum/ — you’ll find lots of great advice and member’s who can answer any other questions you might have.

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