Getting More Out of Stretches & Stop and Starts and More: Ask the Experts

premature ejaculation start and stop

premature ejaculation start and stopBig Al, of, answers questions about getting more out of stretches and stop and starts and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q: The lengthening stretches have gone pretty well for me up ’til now….

…I’m having to use more intensity and the feel just isn’t the same.  Is there a way for me to get more out of my stretches without having to pull so hard? I’m also having problems with stretching the penis itself because I’m using the whole hand to grip.

Big Al: Changing the angle of the stretch can have a profound effect on how much tension you need to use.  If you perform your stretches seated, lean back grip while stretching.  The more you lean back the less force you’ll be able to use.  This works well with weight hanging as well.  Regarding grip, if you need to use your whole hand direct most of the pressure towqards the forward portion of the your penis to allow maximum lengthening of the shaft. If you need to get a better grip, use a small cotton or pther fluffy type towel to pad and enhance your grip.

You might also consider the possibility of extra intensity not being necessary.  You should look into seeing if more volume with less of an emphasis on intensity increases would work better for you.

Q. In the Stop and Starts, how long should each “stop” take?

Big Al: The stop should be long enough for you to allow the feeling of PONR (Point Of No Return) to subside.  If you need to take extra long pauses to get the necessary time increases. that’s fine.  Once you’re aboe to get to 20-25 minutes with this exercise, you can halt increasing time and work on refining- in this case, “filling in the gaps” of time used in your stops.

Q. Is there one main thing I can do to ensure…

…I get the most out of each of my workouts?

Big Al: Aim to get a deep tissue stretch during each training session.  The deep tissue stretch is the feeling you get when the penis is “hyperexpanded”.  An example: when you perform an erect kegel, you’ll note your penis expands BEYOND its normal dimensions- to the point where the glans fully expands.  The feeling you get during this movement describes getting a deep tissue stretch perfectly.  Another thing to consider is the effect of each exercise building in to the next.  After enlargement exercise, the tissues have been thoroughly stretched.  This actually makes the kegel and Stop and start performed immediately after into more of an “enlargement” exercise than if those movements were performed on their own.

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