Ball Pumping 101: Methods & Techniques

In this second installment in GTO’s ball pumping and enlargement series, we take a look at how ball pumping can actually enhance penis girth, some specific techniques used in ball pumping, and developing a good ball pumping routine to incorporate into your other penis enlargement routines.

Nicely sized testicles goes beyond just being aesthetically pleasing.

Nicely sized testicles goes beyond just being aesthetically pleasing.

Ball Pumping: More Than Just Aesthetics

What’s the use in having a $250,000 vehicle with cheap wheels? Or wearing a $5,000 suit with Chuck Taylor sneakers? An odd analogy, but in this context it fits. The right accessories can make the overall unit more impressive.

Having a fat nine-incher hanging above a couple of grapes isn’t very visually appealing. Although a large set of testicles helps achieve a better overall appearance, in combination with the increases made to your penis from various other enlargement techniques, they are by no means simply an “accessory item.”. Developing larger testicles goes far beyond just the aesthetics. Ball pumping has been known to provide a wide array of improvements to the health of the genitalia as a whole.

Ball Pumping: A Wonderful Surprise

Ball pumping provides a number of benefits. These include:

  • Visual appeal,
  • Increased testosterone levels (which aids in increasing ejaculate volume),
  • Enhanced blood flow through vascular increase, and
  • One lesser known, but highly desirable side effect — a thicker penis!

One of the primary goals men have when performing any type of penis enlargement exercise is increasing penis girth – they want a thicker cock. When penis pumping is employed to assist in this effort, a sound, proven technique is to pump at low pressure for long periods of time (at no more than 5Hg). This allows the tissues to gradually expand instead of being shocked into expansion, by pumping at high levels, which can lead to injury. Because ball pumping requires very low pressure levels over a sustained period of time, this is perfect for gaining permanent girth increases in the penis.

The techniques to create low hanging balls are quite simple.

The techniques to create low hanging balls are quite simple.

Building Low Hangers with Ball Pumping

The dynamics and techniques to build heavy, low hanging testicles through ball pumping are quite simple. Just like in penis pumping, fluids are forced into the tissues at different rates. The testicles actually enlarge faster than the scrotal sac, just as the core of the cock enlarges faster than the skin.

When pumping for short sessions (generally an hour or less), your testicles will look and feel like large eggs hanging in your sac. After an extended session (more than an hour), your sac will be more bloated and have a large “grapefruit-like” appearance. This is perfectly normal. After a few hours, the fluid recedes but the sac is much longer and the testicles are heavier.Repeated over time, this will provide a permanent size increase.

CAUTION: Straps and weights are also popular techniques used in building low hanging testicles. Great care must be taken in using such devices to avoid serious injury.  We will explore these devices and techniques later in the series.

Temperature Control and Ball Pumping

The key to stretching these tissues begins and ends with temperature. Sperm production takes place at slightly cooler temperature than normal body temp. The body wants to produce sperm. Therefore,

  • If the testicles are warmer than the ideal temperature, the body drops the testicles to cool them off.
  • If the testicles are colder than the ideal sperm production temperature, the body pulls them in to warm them.

Warm temperatures encourage the body to release the tension in the suspending tissues, letting the testicles down. For this reason, stretching and pumping is best accomplished by keeping the testicles warm and extended as much as possible.

Ball pumping is similar to penis pumping.

Ball pumping is similar to penis pumping.

Getting Started with Ball Pumping

Ball pumping is very similar to penis pumping.

  1. Warm up in your standard manner, but give additional attention to warming the scrotum and surrounding area. Don’t overdo it and don’t use high levels of heat – it doesn’t take much to get the sac warm and pliable.
  2. After the warm up, stretch the scrotal sac out with a milking-style massage for several seconds.
  3. Using a good lubricant, lubricate your cock and balls liberally so they can slide easily into the tube. If using a LongJohnny or any cylinder with a detachable seal, put a small amount of lube along the inner wall of the seal. If using a straight cylinder with no seal, lubricate the rim and the first inch inside your cylinder generously to help create a good airtight seal when you begin pumping.
  4. Insert your cock and seat your balls into the opening.
  5. As you start pumping, go slowly to make sure your testicles clear the seal and tissues are not pinched (the feeling of your testicles ‘plopping’ over the seal into the tube is fantastic!).
  6. Use just enough pressure to get a slight, comfortable pull. A good level for ball pumping is roughly 3Hg; if it feels uncomfortable, release the pressure to a more comfortable level. Just as in penis pumping, as your balls expand, they displace vacuum, so you will need to monitor and adjust the pressure accordingly.

In the beginning, try to take a break every 15 to 30 minutes, to refresh the circulation in your cock and give your scrotal skin a break. As you become accustomed to ball pumping, breaks can be taken at longer intervals.

Maximum stretch is accomplished at constant pressure (though there are pulsing techniques that have been known to help greatly in expansion). Lightly massage the cock and balls during the break and reheat if necessary before resuming. Beginners should stick to sessions one hour or less. Take your time in taking off the seal at the end of your session since you will be considerably larger than the opening. Go slow and you will be fine.


In this segment, we took a look at how ball pumping helps in penis girth gains, reviewed techniques used in ball pumping, and reviewed steps in getting started with a ball pumping routine. In the next article, we will cover ball pumping equipment: the various types of cylinders, their uses and other accessories used in building low hanging testicles.

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  1. I started with a Sun Tea Jar kit, and graduated to a monster tube. I will say that their markup for an aquarium pump is crazy. All you have to do to swap it from push to suck is unscrew the bottom and swap the diaphragms around. That said, they may also have soldered a resistor or something in lime with the pump because when I first got mine set up, it would routinely run suction strong enough to cause bruising. I wound up playing with it by trial and error til I got it right. If in doubt, stick with a hand pump.

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