Why is Bathmate Bathpump Different from Other Penis Pumps?

bathmate penis pump

Bathmate-lineIn the penis enlargement realm, there are a limited number of categories when it comes to enlargement equipment. The three primary categories include:

Although there are similarities in how products within these categories perform, some products truly are different. This is especially truly with the Bathmate bathpump.

All penis pumps work on the principle of vacuum. Your penis is placed in a cylinder, which seals as it’s pressed up against your body. A vacuum is created, and the tissues of the penis are expanded, while blood is pulled into the penis.

The Bathmate, however, is the only penis pump that uses the power of water to create the vacuum. Water is placed inside the chamber, along with your penis. When the water is expelled out of the chamber, an even vacuum is created along the entire length of the penis, expanding the entire penis.

The water not only helps ensure even enlargement results — both in penis length and penis girth — but using warm water keeps the tissues warmed up, for even better results.

Of course, one of the primary reasons the Bathmate is one of the most popular male enhancement products is its ease of use. The Bathmate can be used in the shower or tub, so simply put it on and go about your normal bathing routine, while it does the work! No other pump on the market offers you this option.

PEGYM TIP: Go with the Bathmate X30 or X40 model,
and you can also use it completely dry!

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