Batman’s Penis: Now You See It – Now You Don’t

batman damned no 1I love Batman. Like, if MrKimberly was going to do some role-playing, I’d want him to dress up as Batman. Dark, brooding, sexy, hero… yup. I LOVE Batman. And, for the first time — I’ve seen Batman’s penis!

But, Batman’s penis isn’t going to be around for long — and it’s sure to be the next comic book collectible!

DC Comic’s Black Label & Batman’s Penis

Batman: Damned No. 1, written by Brian Azzarello with art by Lee Bermejo, is DC Comics first Black Label comic. This new imprint promises “classy, collectible superhero stories aimed at mature readers looking to be challenged and surprised as they’re entertained.” With the notation that the characters do not share the same story line continuity as DC’s main universe, this is definitely going to give DC flexibility to develop those more mature story line arcs. 

So, I guess it’s not too surprising that in the first issue ever – we get to see Batman’s penis.

At least in a few copies.

Let’s Look at Batman’s Penis

Let’s look at Batman’s penis. (There’s a phrase I never thought I’d type.) Once only a suggestive impressive bulge in his batsuit, we see his “Dark Knight” – albeit in shadow.

NSFW Warning

batman damned no 1 penis

I’ll be honest, at first I had to search for his manhood. And, then was a little disappointed that it wasn’t just out there like Doctor Manhattan’s giant blue dick in Watchmen. But, it is there, and I think it was a bold move for DC to venture into more erotic artwork.

Apparently too bold.

The Removal of Batman’s Penis

Sadly, DC Comics decided to make Batman more modest.  According to Comic Book Resources, the Batman’s dick has now been digitally censored because it was not “additive to the story”; in fact, “future printings of the issue will use the altered panels.”

Some think this is a clever marketing ploy by DC – instantly making penis-copies collectible and garnering buzz about their new imprint. (Obviously, that second part is true.) The one thing I know is in addition to get a fan-girl glimpse behind the batsuit, I’ve also been entertained by the social media posts that ensued with his “Big Bat’s” release.

batman damned no 1 penis twitter jokes



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