Be Kind: A Great Message!

Be Kind A Great Message

Be Kind A Great MessageWe have a wonderful, often thought-provoking thread, started by one of our awesome Mods – Ujjayi. It’s a question of the day thread, and his Tuesday question was –

If you could write something on a billboard for the world to see, what would it say?

A member, Wishful10x8, gave what I thought was the perfect answer —


What a great message!

And, it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately, so figured I do a quick post.

Not so long ago, we lived in relatively small communities. We interacted with people within a fairly small radius. Before the Internet, if we wanted to talk to someone outside of the community, we had to write a letter or make a long-distance phone call (which cost extra).

My point is, even though we’ve always had cultural diversity, we had smaller pockets of homogeneity that we most-often associated with. Even within big cities, those of similar ethnicities banded together into neighborhoods.

Now, thanks to globalization and technology, we are even more exposed to different cultures – different ways of life – different religions – different ideas.

Some seem very foreign (no pun intended). Some seem the antithesis of what I, personally, have grown up to believe is proper.

However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t good people.

I once had the pleasure of working with a great motivational speaker – Zig Ziglar. One of the lessons he taught me was —

People like people who are like them.

This is just how humans functions. So, if someone is different than us, we have a natural tendency to not care for them as much.

But, as intelligent, thinking, compassionate beings – we really need to get over this.

We need to BE KIND to one another.

Even those who aren’t initially kind to us. We need to be the change we wish to see in this world. “I’ll be nice, when they start being nice.” doesn’t work. Someone has to go first. That someone has to be you.

Put the type of energy you want in your life, out into the world.

Instead of seeing the bad in people (or expecting them to be bad) — people you know specifically and even large groups of people you think you know about — try to see the good. Expect the good.



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