Beginning a Penis Hanging Routine

Penis Hanging Routine Traffic Lights Hanging

This part of the Penis Hanging Guide discusses the various types of hanging routines and provides information on how to create a penis hanging routine that best suits your needs and will be best fit for your daily life and help you achieve optimal gains.

Penis Hanging Routine Traffic Lights Hanging

Hanging: Penis Enlargement Doesn’t Get More Intense Than This

Hanging is arguably as intense as any other penis enlargement exercise in existence. Why? With a standard hanging device (e.g. a Bib hanger), there’s virtually no limit on the amount of weight you can hang.

This is why hanging weight from your penis should not start until you have had at least a few months of conditioning and preparation. This is also the reason there is usually no need to combine hanging with other penis exercises. If you’re not getting enough fatigue with hanging, add sets or add weight.

This must be done in a very controlled manner; you should never add more than 1-2lbs of weight per week or 1x hanging set per week (20 minutes of hang time). This is why penis hanging routine will be the best way to set yourself up for success!

Hanging Routine Starting Weight

A good starting point is somewhere around 2.5lbs to 5lbs. If you’ve been doing penis enlargement exercises for a few years, you may be able to do much more than this. However, exercise some caution here; hanger attachment point stress is very unique, and no amount of previous PE experience will completely prepare you for this.

This is why you should never start with more than about 10lbs, and definitely do not use an amount of weight that causes any sharp pain. If you’ve had less than a year of Penis Enlargement experience, you should be starting with 2.5lbs to 5lbs maximum.

A Good Hanging Routine Begins With Heat

My favorite heating device is an old tube sock filled with rice, usually called a “rice sock”. You want it hot, but not so much that it causes any pain. Get warm to the core, this will increase the elasticity of your tissues and make deformation a bit easier, while preventing injuries too.

Let’s face it, hanging weight from your penis is an athletic activity. Never do it ‘cold’ without warming up. I recommend a 10-20 minute rice sock warm-up before each penis hanging session.

Rest Periods in Your Penis Hanging Routine

If your glans (the head of your penis) turns blue or purple during your hanging set, this may be a bad sign. Your cells can only last about 20 minutes without oxygen before necrosis begins (tissue death). This is why we hang weight from our penis for 20 minute sets with 10 minute rest periods.

During your rest periods, restore the circulation in your penis by massaging it (while it is still wrapped), gently slapping it on your leg, or by using light BTB jelqs (behind the balls jelqing). Rest periods are also a good time to inspect your penis and make sure there’s no damage.

It’s Not a Weightlifting Competition

Never lose sight of your true goal with hanging. That is to permanently increase the erect and flaccid length of your penis. Always focus on what your penis tells you. Sharp pain is always bad, although a slight burning pain may be a skin stretch, and a strange tingly feeling without pain may be mild nerve damage.

Expect about 2 weeks of skin stretch before your skin stops becoming a limiting factor. After this your maximum penis weight may change, since the hanging device will be pulling on your internal penile structures instead of your skin.

Even if it defies logic (e.g. you might only be hanging 30% of your maximum weight), when you feel sharp pain, immediately reduce the weight hanging from your penis. A bit of sharp pain is a signal you’re going past fatigue into a risky area.

Pain is how your penis tells you that it’s time to reduce the penis weight. If you absolutely cannot handle any amount of weight, change your hanging angle or remove the weight and the hanger attachment.

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After a heart wrenching breakup with his fiancée, Blink2000 went on a self improvement quest. During this period he decided his 6″ penis was too small. He looked into expensive penile surgery, but read one too many stories of men with resulting disfigured, smaller penises. Blink nearly gave up, but he found doctors were selling information on penis weight hanging. He read an account of a famous actor who had gained 3″ in erect length by ‘hanging’ (hanging weight from his penis). Blink2000 continued research and eventually he began ‘hanging’ as well. Blink2000 says “I was elated when I found I could increase my penis size for free without surgery. I gained .75″ in erect penis length and 1″ in flaccid length through hanging. The erect length is something surgery simply cannot give. I won’t say that’s the only reason I found my wife shortly thereafter, but I am sure it didn’t hurt! I plan to keep on hanging until she complains it’s too big”

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