Jelq for Health Month: What are the Benefits of a Jelq Simulator?

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It’s almost time for Jelq for Health month here at! If you’re wondering to yourself, “What is Jelq for Health month?” head on over to our Jelq for Health page or the Jelq for Health forum thread for more information. You can help support the Urology Care Foundation simply by doing one of the best penis enlargement exercises out there – jelqing!

If you’re eager to help out in November, you’ve probably thought about trying out a jelq simulator. However what are the benefits of a jelq simulator over simply jelqing by hand?

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Jelq simulators have numerous benefits. (Affiliate Link)

What are Jelq Simulators?

Jelq simulators are simple devices designed to mimic the jelq you would normally do by hand. One of the benefits of jelqing is it can be performed without any special equipment; however, if you’re serious about jelqing (such as participating in our Jelq for Health month) or have issues with your hands, your hands can become fatigued. This is where jelq simulators come in handy!  (No pun intended.) The Power J Gym jelq device is one of the most popular jelq simulators on the market.

Benefits of a Jelq Simulator

Although, as mentioned, you can definitely jelq by hand, with no special equipment at all, there are numerous benefits to using a Jelq simulator like the Power J Gym. These include:

  1. Reduced hand and arm fatigue – One complaint penis exercisers have when jelqing is it is physically tiring to jelq the number of reps needed to see the best results. A jelq simulator minimizes the amount of strain on your hands and arms while jelqing.
  2. Consistent pressure – A jelq simulator helps ensure you have consistent pressure when jelqing, along the whole length of your penis shaft. This maximizes the effectiveness of each jelq, encouraging new tissue growth and cell multiplication, while improving circulation.
  3. Inexpensive – Unlike some penis enlargement equipment, jelq simulators are relatively inexpensive. For instance, the Power J Gym is just 99.00!
  4. Proven results – Jelq simulators have been shown to produce permanent penis enlargement gains. In one JELQ device study of 380 men, 82% of the participants reported a permanent size increase.
jelq device chart
82% of men realized permanent penis enlargement gains.


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