Best Pump for Girth Gain, Adding a Pump to Your Routine & More: Ask the Experts

bathmate penis pump

bathmateBig Al, of, answers questions about which pump is best for girth, adding a pump to your penis exercise routine and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I wanted to ask which pump (air or water-based)…

… help with gaining girth quicker? Does constricted or non-constricted pumping help you gain faster? Should you incorporate advanced jelqing exercises to help with cementing gains? 

Big Al: Either should work well, but a water pump, like the Bathmate, is said to be more comfortable and conducive to tissue expansion due to the warmth of the water.  There’s also less room for error in regards to pressure and leakage. You can experiment with some restrictive pumping, but you should alternate with non-restrictive sessions for a different challenge and to note the difference.  For the best results, you should be doing your pump training in conjunction with an penis enlargement routine (manual exercises and/or device work like hangers and extenders), and stamina exercises as well.

Q. I am starting to add a pump to my exercises routine….

… My questions are should I exercise and pump on the same day or do them alternating days? I have been exercising for about 6 months. I need a routine with some rest periods.

Big Al: To a large extent, I’d need to know the details of your training as well as what your goals are to make a proper recommendation.  I’d say you can effectively use the pump as a part of your warm ups and warm downs by using it for 5-7 minutes, before and after training on low pressure and using very warm water (if using a Bathmate).   If you’d like to make the pump a more active part of your training, please refer to the pumping routine outlined and details here:

You’d need to ensure that your EQ is quite high and your training isn’t already at borderline tolerance levels, for you to add this to your regimen.

Q. What benefits are there to doing erect kegels…

… vs. doing kegels while flaccid?

Big Al: There are a few benefits to doing kegels erect, as opposed to flaccid.  For one, you’re maintaining a high level of blood flow with erect kegels. If there are any slight “venous leaks,” this would help strengthen the valves and possibly repair any tiny holes- as well as strengthening the penile vascular system.  Also, the erect kegels are going to give you extreme tissue expansion.  This effect is most notable in the glans every time you do a PC contraction.  Done after enlargement work, this should greatly enhance the enlargement process.  The blood flow combined with contractions will also help to flush your penis of any possible toxins built up from training, and should also help to speed healing.


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