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Penis Enlargement won’t happen overnight, but by building up a toolkit of resources from others who have learned the secrets to success, you too will soon achieve a bigger penis and a richer life.

Big Penis Tools

Hello and welcome to the PEGym, where you will never see or be offered the secret to instant penis growth. You never will be, because instant growth does not exist. If you want to know the secret to increasing the size of your unit, however, read on!


The PEGym offers invaluable information based on science, medicine, and the experiences of thousands of penile enlargement enthusiasts. Successes and failures are all made public, with men sharing detailed accounts of what works and what hurts in our penis forums. I spent many hours for many days totally devoted to reading and evaluating information, and never once was my appetite quenched. As I write here today, I still crave information pertaining to this subject, and I’m constantly searching for more.

The reason I want you to know this is because I found the answer and I want you to have it. I know the secrets to increasing the size of my penis. I know the secrets to enhancing and improving its function. I don’t know everything yet, but I do know enough to succeed.

Following is a list of tools spelled out in an easy-to-remember acronym: B.I.G. P.E.N.I.S. T.O.O.L.S. B stands for Belief, I stands for Intimacy, G stands for Goals, and so on. You will need each of these if you too would like to improve your life and increase the size of your penis.


You have to have faith and a belief that you can indeed succeed, otherwise you will fail. Thomas Edison found over 2000 ways not to make a light bulb before he finally accomplished his goal. He believed in what he was doing.


Being intimate with and knowledgeable about your penis is very important. You need to know it inside out, and know what makes it react certain ways at certain times.


You have to have a goal or else you’ll wander aimlessly. Set your goals at a reasonable level and not out of reach. You can always set new goals after each level of achievement.


We can’t stress enough the importance of patience. This is a time consuming endeavor. Think of it as if you were an inchworm (pun not intended!) traveling a couple of miles. This is a long journey, so be prepared mentally.


Study and learn as much as possible about your unit and draw on the vast knowledge here at the PE Gym. Knowledge is the greatest power you will possess in growing a stronger, healthier, bigger penis.


You must make it necessary that you do your penis exercises, and never put them aside for inadequate reasons. Make your exercise routine as necessary as eating or going to work every day.


Credible information will be the fuel for your fire. Avoid false claims and scams, and never try to intertwine the scam programs with your proven, solid male enhancement routine.


Always rely on the support here at the PE Gym and in our penis forums, whether you have a question that needs answering, or whether you simply need an encouraging word for motivation or validation. It is important to keep yourself in a positive state of motivation and faith.


You don’t have to set aside anything else to make time for your program, but you do have to devote a certain amount of time to it. Allow yourself ample time to accomplish your routine, and never let it be interrupted by silly clutter during the day or night. As little as 20-30 minutes a day is more than ample for many.


Pessimism never solved, fixed, cured, or invented anything. Again, maintain the positive attitude and belief that motivates you to stay on course and be faithful to your program. Stay optimistic at all times.


You have to have a certain order and rule to everything or else it becomes cluttered and displaced, making it very hard for you to efficiently execute your penis workout routine.


A wise man once said “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” If PE is work for you then you’ll surely play hooky and never devote 100% to it. If you love doing it then you’ll always remain faithful and look forward to each new opportunity to exercise and improve.


Keep it simple. If your goals demand something more difficult, then so be it, but never make it more difficult than it has to be. The harder you make it, the less chance you have for success.

Here at the Penis Gym, we can draw on years of experience and knowledge gained by men who have succeeded at increasing the size and efficiency of their sex muscles. Never once have I read that someone accomplished anything instantly or overnight. These men have put in countless hours, days, and years perfecting their techniques, proving some theories and disproving others, and in the end molding and shaping the techniques that really work for you and I today.

Some men achieve gains faster than others, and many take far longer than average to see gains, but those who commit all have one thing in common: they succeed. If you really want a larger, harder penis, then it’s time to plan for it.  Commit and stay faithful to your program with hard work and study, never losing faith and never getting sidetracked from your goals.


  1. First, if that’s you in the picture, I hope you’re careful with that hammer.

    Overall, this is a great article. I think a lot of us don’t always have the patience required to achieve our PE goals long term; it really does take years.

    I think this is critical too. In order for PE to work, a good consistent routine is required. Learning how to do the exercises safely and how to progress long term requires some effort. PEgym is an ideal place to get that information, for free.

  2. I love this article. You should add in that if you do play hookey or whatever on your penis, you’re only cheating yourself and lying to yourself!!!

  3. This sums it up! I was thinking of starting a motivaitonal thread for the kind same thing but this article articluates everything perfectly! Great work!

  4. This is one of the best articles I’ve read hands down! So many great tidbits. Not too much information, not too little. Just right.

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