Do you have a “Blood” Penis or a “Meat” Penis?

meat penis blood penis

meat penis blood penisBack in the early days of PE Forums, there was a fairly popular classification spectrum for penis “types”. On one end of the spectrum you have the “blood” penis, and on the other, the “meat” penis. Although this classification system is no longer popular, I believe there’s some merit in understanding these two basic types, to ensure you’re getting the most from your training.

“Blood” Penis Characteristics

Blood penis characteristics are as follows:

  • “Grower”;
  • Responds better to high volume training (e.g. R’s Jelq Routine);
  • High EQ has a quicker and more profound effect on this type

“Meat” Penis Characteristics

Meat penis characteristics are as follows:

  • “Shower”;
  • Responds better to high intensity training (e.g. Jelq Free Routine);
  • Should be less prone to injury

How These Penis Types Affect Training

The above theory was interesting in that by using this system one should develop a more targeted training plan. Of course, the system isn’t perfect.

For one, most will find themselves somewhere along the middle of the spectrum. Some initial experimentation with training will be needed to determine the best method of training, and ongoing adjustments may need to be made as one adapts to their routines.

There are also variables to consider which can affect this classification namely, the starting level of EQ, cellular mass of CC/CS (though this might add only a small variable due to the expansive capabilities show in extreme cases­ e.g. megalophallus), and even the individual layers of tunica one’s penis might have. Extrinsic factors not directly related to the fundamental penile anatomy can also affect classification such as anxiety, drug use, or temporary injury.

Another thing to consider is the possibility of change. If hyperplasia is involved then the cellular mass itself will increase over time­ possibly changing the classification system. It should be expected that the majority of gains will come from tissue stretch and alterations in the ligaments and tunica/fascia.

For those who plan on making extraordinary gains and training in a progressive manner for years, you can expect to get to a point to where your routines could evolve to encompass both high intensity and high volume.

All of these variables might be one of the reasons the Blood/Meat Penis idea didn’t become more popular than it is, but there’s enough merit in it to deserve some form of attention in relation to individual training routines.

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