Bone-Pressed eXtender Length: Understanding Your BPXL

measuring bone-pressed eXtender length or BPXL

Wearing a penis extender can be a complicated process. More over, understanding gains made with a penis extender can also be baffling because the difference in your overall BPEL is usually less than the length that can be reached while wearing a penis extender. The solution? Track your gains consistently and accurately by measuring your Bone-Pressed eXtender Length, or BPXL.

measuring bone-pressed eXtender length or BPXL

Bone-Pressed eXtender Length Explained

A man’s “BPXL” is a new term coined by PEGym community member Dangler. You might have seen the term on our penis forums involving penis extenders. The BPXL is the term we now use to describe Bone-Pressed eXtender Length. There are a few elements that come into play here other than just a simple measurement taken while wearing the extender.

The first thing that must be lucid is that you measure bone-pressed just as you normally would with any other measurement. Hence, you do not measure from the base of the penis extender; you measure from how far you can press the ruler into the pelvic bone just outside of the penis extender’s base.

The next important factor is to know when to take the measurement. The measurement is taken when you have been wearing the extender for an hour or more without increasing the tension, meaning that you can “hold” that BPXL for at least an hour without numbness. Coldness and discomfort are not factors in measuring for BPXL, and can be tolerated but not in excess.

To measure BPXL, push the ruler or measuring device into your pelvic bone on the outside of the extender base just as you would to get your BPEL.

Measuring BPXL and Logging Hours

From now on, you should measure gains made with a penis extender while wearing the extender. However, remember that this is now your BPXL (Bone-Pressed eXtended Length) and should not be confused with Bone-Pressed Erect Length, your Bone-Pressed Flaccid Length, or other forms of penis measuring.

The reason for these separate measurements is because it can help you see exactly the length to which you can extend as well as for how long you held that stretch as you track your penis enhancement gains.

Again, your BPXL is measured by two factors:

  • First is your bone-pressed length while wearing the extender.
  • Second, it is the maximum extended length that you can maintain for at least a whole hour without going numb or causing any real pain.

Remember, if you extend to a length that you can’t even hold for 5-10 minutes, then you are just cheating yourself, and you will eventually become discouraged. Not only is this lying to yourself, but cheating in this manner also will not produce or reflect real quality penis growth, which takes time.

It is best to have a clock beside you when measuring your BPXL, or use the clock on your computer if you make a log using software. I use an MS Excel spreadsheet with which you can implement a formula that will automatically add up the time that I spent using my penis extender.

It is also a good idea to make notes regarding any thing that happened during each session, like if you experienced any numbness, if you were able to increase your BPXL, or if you were able to wear your extender for a longer period of time at your current BPXL.

The Key: Consistent BPXL Measurement Procedures

One of the most important things to keep in mind when taking a BPXL measurement is how you performed your last measurement. Exactly how long did you wear the penis extender? Did you feel any pain when you last measured?

You should really use your best intuition to try and mimic the exact conditions of your previous measurement when performing a new, accurate BPXL measurement.

It is very important to keep in mind that you are not trying to impress anyone. You are enlarging the penis, and attempting to make penis shaft length and girth gains. To observe and track these penis enlargement gains is why using the BPXL measurement is a very useful measurement.

Your ability to add more and more tension to your penis while wearing the extender will always mean that your BPEL has increased. However, the length of your BPXL gains do not directly translate into the same length gains for your BPEL, hence the need to have the new BPXL measurement system for measuring progress with a penis extender over time, and keeping the BPEL its own separate measurement.

About Calixto

Calixto, who has a Master’s degree in Linguistics, was picking up Spanish on Mexico’s nude beaches when he found himself learning another lesson about his penis enlargement goals.  In his words, “I WANTED IT TO BE BIGGER!”  He also wanted a restored foreskin.  Since 2006, he has spent his time in pursuit of his goals, wearing penis devices as well as learning everything possible on the subject of penis enhancement.  Calixto “enjoys everything regarding PE,” and credits the PEGym with shaping his vision.


  1. Hey, cool that you actually have a term for that. I just took measure again after two months with an extender and had the same idea, to measure the size of the penis in the extender at full stretch. (I always go for broke and I can do 80 minutes in sequence easily now) I took measurements of that too — + photo — when I first got the extender, but I didn’t think of later comparing to it; it was just because I was happy about the extender and because I knew before and after pictures are always a good idea, so I made pictures of my dick from every possible angle on the first day. 😀

    So now I have photo proof of the growth, even.
    [link removed]
    check out the 3rd picture in the gallery and then the 8th and 9th. (The pics are all in chronological order.) A leap from 16cm to 19-20cm!

  2. Calixto, thanks for another great article. I didn’t realize Dangler invented the term BPXL. I had always wondered where the term came from.

  3. Thanks Cal for the explanation . I’ve been thinking about using an
    extender after seeing your head swell post .
    I’m much more knowledgeable now . Thanks .

  4. This was a good explanation of BPXL 🙂 I think many new ADS device wearers will see this as highly beneficial.


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