Boosting Testosterone, the Advanced Jelq Routine & More: Ask the Experts


testosterone-lawsuitBig Al, of, answers questions about boosting testosterone levels, length of time for the advanced jelq routine, and more in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. How can I boost my testosterone levels naturally?

Big Al: It’s recommend that you perform exercise that ares brief but very intense in nature- like heavy weight training.  This type of activity is excellent for maximizing testosterone levels.  Take a very simple protein or amino acid supplement immediately after your training.  That too will foster “positive nitrogen balance”.  Herbs like tribulus terrestris might be mildly helpful.  The herb yohimbe has a powerful erectile effect and even causes a notable increase in libido.  Yohimbe is known to cause headaches, though- so if you suffer from high blood pressure then this supplement might not be for you.

Q. Do you recommend performing the Advanced Jelq Routine for a minimum of 1 hour…

…(assuming able to do so safely)? If not, how long do you recommend? I did them for 30 minutes for my first time.

Big Al: Absolutely not!  The one hour time mentioned is a very advanced maximum.  Initially, you should start at about the 10 minute mark to test yourself.  You’d count both time and reps, and the focus shoul dbe on the feel of the exercise.

Q. How do I choose a pump size that’s right for me?

Big Al: When purchasing a pump for the purposes of enlargement you’ll need to get one above your target goal size.  Estimate an inch above your length and girth to give you room to expand in the pump.  Once you become accustomed to pumping you’ll be able to comfortably pump your penis to well above your normal erect size.

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