Borderline Low Testosterone? Exercise May Help!

exercise and low testosterone

exercise and low testosteroneWe’ve talked about the importance of exercise, here at PEGym, quite a lot. Overall health is critical to maximizing your sexual health. From partnerships like Isagenix, for those who are looking to lose weight or those who are into bodybuilding, to articles about the importance of cardio exercise as it relates to male enhancement, we hope readers have figured out how important diet and exercise are.

Here’s one more reason to exercise…

It may help improve your testosterone levels.

According to Todd Schroeder, PhD, a study of older men conducted at the University of Southern California found testosterone levels rose after exercise. This effect lasted between 15 minutes and an hour. Although it’s not clear what the long-term effects of these temporary boosts have, for men whose testosterone is on the lower side of the normal range, it could be quite significant!

Endocrinologist, Dr. Scott Isaacs, MD, of Emory University, says he “thinks it’s going to have a much more potent effect”, regarding men and with testosterone levels between normal and low, and the effects of consistent exercise.

Strength training has the biggest testosterone boost. And, interestingly, those boosts are greatest after evening exercise sessions. So, to maximize the beneficial testosterone effect, schedule your workout after work, rather than getting up early in the morning, according to Dr. Isaacs.


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