Botched Penis Enlargement Surgery on 13-Year Old Boy

chinese boy penis enlargement surgeryIn the news category of …  W – T – F?!?! … this story has to take the cake.

A 13-year-old Chinese boy, from Changji City in north-western China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, was unhappy with his penis size. Now that’s not an unusual story. Many young teenagers worry about their size.

However, what’s unusual, is this resourceful young man, at the ripe old age of 13, had been taking pills for penis enlargement (although the interview didn’t say what these pills were). When those didn’t work, he then went online and found a plastic surgery hospital. He reached out to the doctors online and they told him to come in for a sexual performance test. After spending 92 yuan (approximately $13), the doctors diagnosed him with premature ejaculation.

But, his penis size was what concerned him most. So, the 13-year old child lied to staff at Changji Nine Continents Male Hospital, and told them he was 18. Apparently, the hospital didn’t require any sort of proof of his age. And, he underwent penis enlargement surgery.

As often happens in these cautionary tales, the surgery didn’t go as planned. In addition to the 3 to 4 centimeter scar on the boy’s penis, his penis started to “turn black.” He was in considerable pain – making even lying down painful.

The doctors, at the hospital, said they could fix the botched operation… with more surgery. This time, the boy was hesitant, but when the doctors told him if he didn’t have more procedures he’d only be able to maintain an erection for approximately one minute, he knew something had to be done.

Dilemma… the boy didn’t have the 15,000 yuan (approximately $2,173) to do the new procedures!

He had to call his parents.

And, that’s when the hospital finally realized their patient was a kid.

To save their son’s penis, they had to agree to the surgeries. And, now, there are numerous, expensive  post-operative procedures that are going to have to happen to ensure their son has a fully-functioning penis.

Changji City’s health bureau is said to be investigating the hospital and could fine it heavily for negligence.

Gee… a little too little too late.

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