The Bundled Dry Jelq: A New Noteworthy Penis Exercise

dry bundled jelq

As this is Jelq for Health month at PEGym, I felt it would bedry bundled jelq appropriate to describe an exercise that I believe to be entirely new — the Bundled Dry Jelq.

The concept of the bundle stretch is not new. In fact, it’s a very effective stretching exercises, that alters the parallel fibers in the penis, to maximum enlargement gains. If performed in combination with a dry jelq, it gives an additive or even synergistic stretch. I feel this exercise exceeds either one done alone or separately. I have tried this after pumping and notice a very significant effect in terms of overall mass enhancement, which is why I wish to share this new concept with PEGym members.

What is the Bundled Stretch?

The bundled stretch is one of the most effective stretching penis exercises. The basic bundled stretch is performed as follows:

  • Bring your penis to an approximate 90% erection.
  • Stretch your penis straight out.
  • Turn your penis counterclockwise (like winding up a rubber band) and then pull.

Depending on the experience level of the individual, the winding up (or bundling) should be done in increments starting with a quarter turn. Once you become more advanced, you can work up to a half-turn.

Perform the bundled stretch counterclockwise, with 10 stretches for 10 seconds. Then repeats clockwise for 10 more 10-second stretches. The number of stretches and the time can be incrementally built up with experience.

What is the Bundled Dry Jelq and How do I do it?

The Bundled Dry Jelq penis exercise is a combination of the bundled stretch and the dry jelq.  Here are the instruction on how to perform the Bundled Dry Jelq?

  • Step 1 – Perform the stretch and twist of the bundled stretch.
  • Step 2 – Keeping your penis in the bundled stretch configuration, place your hand with an overhand grip (thumb and index finger pointing down), near the base of the penis.
  • Step 3 – Pull your hand as far forward as you can, then hold the stretch.
  • Step 4 – Repeat for five minutes in the clockwise configuration, then five minutes in the counterclockwise configuration.

As you advance, you can gradually increase your time and intensity.

Why is the Bundled Dry Jelq an Effective Penis Exercise?

The reason why the Bundled Dry Jelq is so effective comes down to collagen fiber alignment and bundling.  Let’s look at it from a mechanical point of view.

When the penis is in its natural state, the collagen fibers are in alignment with each other. When the collagen fibers are aligned normally, we have bands of parallel fibers within each geographical area of the penis. These parallel bands can crisscross in spots, but for the purpose of conceptualization of this exercise visualize them as parallel fibers in alignment.

When you start bundling the penis, the fibers change from being aligned in a series of straight lines reinforcing one another, to twisting them out of alignment, which separates and isolates them. This makes them individually more responsive to stretching and collagen remodeling under traction. These fibers will then be remodeled in the direction of the stretch, hence making the penis ultimately thicker and longer .

When performing the bundled dry jelq, you are jelqing and stretching them “out of alignment” and therefore creating a mechanical force that facilitates penis enlargement gains. In other words, you are bundling the fibers and increasing the leverage effect of the traction.

This is similar to the fulcrum movement with hangers. In the fulcrum exercise, your penis is positioned over a cylindrical object, with weights attached via a hanger behind the glans, causing the penis to stretch around the object. This very effective, historical use of the fulcrum from hanging devices has been discussed in depth.

Uses of the Bundled Dry Jelq

The Bundled Dry Jelq is a particularly good exercise to use after pumping, because of the superior stretching and stimulating effect.When you finish pumping, give the Bundled Dry Jelq a try, and you’ll see it’s superior to just regular jelqing after pumping.

Give the Bundled Dry Jelq a try and see the results for yourself. Should you have any questions on this, please let me know.

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