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ask kimberlyI have a unique position here at PEGym, as one of only a few women active on PEGym, and the only female staff member, I get quite a few direct messages from members, asking questions or asking for my opinion.

I love these!!

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Q. I’ve always wondered about this. Can (women) actually feel a load shooting out internally vs just dribbling?


This is actually a really common question — although it’s been asked of me several different ways. I think it’s pretty normal to wonder what your partner is feeling during sex! So, glad this was asked of me recently again.

Personally, I can’t actually feel the ejaculate itself – whether it’s like a huge  stream or just dribbling. However, I CAN feel the pulsing of the penis when my partner ejaculates… if I’m paying attention.

Notice that last part of that last sentence.

If I’m paying attention.

Honestly, if I’m really into it, there are so many other sensations going on, I may not even feel those. That’s actually a good thing, in my books! 🙂

With this said, I can feel the difference between when my partner orgasms really hard and when it’s just an average orgasm. Again, it’s not the ejaculate itself, but rather the pulsing contractions of the penis.

However, I have read enough smut… romance novels 😉 that have the heroine stating she can feel his ejaculate. It’s often described as “hot” in these creative works of fiction, but I can’t imagine how a woman can feel this, at least not inside her vagina.

Let me explain why I doubt these literary descriptions – “heat” is usually felt as a temperature difference. Assuming you and your partner are both human, and neither of you are running a fever, then you should both have pretty similar core body temperatures. Now, ejaculate on human skin typically feels warm, because the temperature of your skin is typically less than your core body temperature, nose, ears, fingers and toes being the usual coldest skin of the body. But inside the vagina should be a fairly similar temperature as your ejaculate.

Of course, I’m just one woman. And, as I’ve said in the past, all women are unique.


  1. Great article, thanks, nice to have your opinion as always from a lady. Sometime my wife doesn’t know when I’ve ejactulated if I’m quiet about it. But some times, like today when we orgasmed together , my pulsing increased her fun.

    As far as temperature. It has been my experience when I shots a load on myself, it’s colder than my skin. This makes sense to me as the testicules enjoy a slightly lower temperature than 98.6.

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