Choosing Your Penis Weight Hanging Device

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This is an exhaustive guide to all you will ever need to know about penis hanging!

Choosing Your Penis Weight Hanging Device

Choosing a Penis Weight Hanger Attachment

Hanging, the ultimate penis length exercise can be done two different ways: 1. Traditional Hanging, 2. Vacuum Hanging. Regular and vacuum hanging devices are both effective for penis enlargement purposes. However, each type of hanging device has both advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the hanger style that best meets your needs, budget, and preferences.

If you’re indecisive and you don’t mind spending some money,  you could purchase both regular and vac hanging devices (e.g. the Bib Hanger and AutoXleeve each cost around $100 each). More than a few guys have purchased both styles of hanging devices so they could come to their own conclusions. This article will allow you to make an informed decision before building or purchasing either type of penis hanging device.

Homemade Hanging Devices

If you are not ready to spend $100 (or more) on a hanging device or if you’re not sure whether you’re committed to hanging long term, you can build your own homemade hanger for $10 to $20. There are several different popular homemade hanging device recipes.

Some well known and inexpensive homemade hanging device recipes are the Captn’s Wench, Muzzle Hanger, AFB Hanger, Sock Hanger, and the Swim cap Hanger. A few of these devices can be used alternatively as an All Day Stretcher (e.g. the Captn’s Wench).

Beware of poorly designed penis enlargement hanging devices such as the old style noose hangers which are  outdated, dangerous, and unsafe. Don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars on a well designed hanging device. Surely the health of your penis is worth more than a few dollars. Also keep in mind, the cost of even the most expensive hanging device pales in comparison to the cost of penile surgery.

Standard Hanging Devices

Modern hanging devices grip the shaft from the sides, putting the pressure on the erectile chambers instead of the dorsal nerve. The highest quality traditional hangers are the Bib Starter and the Bib Standard Hangers; which are engineered and built by Bib, (also known as Bigger).

autoXleeve II choosing your penis hanging device

Standard Hanger Advantages

Standard hanging devices provide several advantages over vacuum hanging devices. A standard hanging device will allow you to safely hang a virtually unlimited amount of weight (depending on your level of conditioning, knowledge, and experience). This is possibly the biggest advantage of standard style hangers.

Dustpan was able to hang as much as 75lbs with his Bib Hanger, and Bib himself used up to 66lbs (for testing purposes). In contrast, it is impossible to use more than 15-20lbs with a vacuum hanger. At this weight either the pressure causes extreme discomfort and pain, the silicon sleeve rips, or the VAC hanger slips off. In fact, the weight limitations of vacuum hanging devices are so severe that some say these penile enhancement devices are only good for beginners.

Standard Hanger Disadvantages

The standard penis hanging devices are not as comfortable as Vacuum hangers, and a standard hanger cannot be used for more than 20 minutes continuously without a 10 minute rest period. During the rest period, circulation must be restored to oxygen deprived penile tissues and then hanging can begin again. There is also a long learning curve with standard hangers. Refining the wrap and attachment technique takes months with a standard hanger.

Standard Hanger Pros

  • Virtually Unlimited Weight (more traction in less time)
  • No hidden costs (vs vacuum hanger silicone sleeves which rip and must be replaced)
  • It wont make your penis ugly (vacuum hangers might)

Standard Hanger Cons

  • Long Learning Curve
  • Maximum 20 minute sets, followed by 10 minute breaks (less time efficient)
  • Less comfortable than a vacuum hanger


  1. When is the best time to start hanging? I’ve been doing PE on and off for about the past 3 years but I’m finally getting committed within the past 3 months and want to make the best gains possible. What weight should I start with?

  2. Looks like I will be hitting the weight after I am done with girth. Great article here, made me feel more at easy with the whole hanging aspect 🙂


  3. The idea here was just to give some general guidelines to help guys decide whether they should use a vacuum or a standard hanger when hanging weight from their penis. For those who don’t know, hanging is possibly the oldest PE method in existence, and many guys have gained 2″ to 3″ in erect penis length by hanging (it takes years, but it’s worth it!)

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