Combo PE: Penis Enlargement Using Multiple and Combined Methods

Combo PE: Penis Enlargement Using Multiple and Combined Methods

This article explains an advanced concept of penis enlargement/enhancement by combining 2 or more methods of penis enlargement. This article also covers the many principles of each type of commonly known penis enlargement and enhancement methods and the theories behind what can be expected when using them in conjunction with each other.

Combo PE Penis Enlargement Using Multiple and Combined Methods


There are many reasons to consider combining more than one method with your PE efforts. First of all lets look at a list of things to consider.

  • Time, or lack thereof
  • Plateaus
  • Maximizing Time Spent
  • Optimizing results
  • Advanced “PEers” need more intensity for continued growth
  • Other

As you might imagine, many men now are well into the art of penis enlargement. I myself have been at it (though off and on) for almost five years now.  However, I would say that my total time spent doing actual penis enlargement routines (Penis Extender, Manual Penis Exercises, Penis Pumping) is somewhere around the 2-3 year range.

During that time I can say that I have seen a full inch of permanent erect length gains.

Why to I say all this? Because penis enlargement and penis enhancement are very real practices, and with due diligence, will work for every man. Although, can penis enlargement and/or enhancement be combined (combo PE approach) for an optimized  “time spent to gains achieved” ratio? Let’s take a look at some combo PE approaches!


First of all, lets take a look at all the possible methods of penis enlargement and penis enhancement available that can be combined for advanced penis enlargement techniques.

  • Manual Penis Exercises (jelqing and manual stretches)
  • Penis Extenders
  • Penis Pumping
  • Penis Weight Hanging a.k.a “Hanging”
  • Clamping
  • Edging/Ballooning

The above are primarily “Penis Enlargement” methods, now lets look at the various other methods of “Penis Enhancement” to consider with combo PE approaches.

  • Foreskin Restoration or FR (for men that have less sensitivity due to circumcision) especially “Tugging”  which is known to not only help regrow more foreskin, but is very notably known to cause penile shaft lengthening in most cases; like an ADS (all day stretcher)
  • Kegels– These help men with a range of issues, from premature ejaculation to multiple male orgasms, kegels, if used while stretching the penis, can also assist in permanent penis enlargement as well.
  • Penis pills- WARNING HERE– while many penis pills claim to do all kinds of things, they are widely known amongst the men who are considered “Veterans of Penis Enlargement” to be a total waste of money. While they are known to help with erectile dysfunction or ED (chemical, i.e. “Viagra, Cialis” AND Herbal like Yohimbe and Horny Goat Weed) there has been no realistic verifiable penis gains with pills reported in the Penis Enlargement/ Enhancement Community.


Now that we have introduced the main methods that men are using now to achieve permanent penis enlargement and penis enhancement, lets go over some possible combo PE combinations of methods, and theories behind each combination of penis enlargement and penis enhancement methods.


This is basically combining manual penis enlargement exercises (jelqing and stretching, or jelqing alone) with using the Traction Principle. The Traction Principle is the idea that by applying constant and steady traction/stretching to the penis overtime, penis enlargement will occur. Traction devices are those such as penis extenders and penis hangers (weight hanging device i.e. “Bib Hanger” is probably the most popular).


If you already have completed a routine like the JP 90 day Routine, and you are seeing gains come to a plateau, the first thing to consider with combo PE is adding time, sets and different exercises, to augment your manual penis exercise routine. This is not only logical but the first step to continued gains. However, there might be something else to consider: Intensified stretching via use of a traction device for an advanced penis enlargement combination technique.

Using advanced penis enlargement methods by combining the manual exercises, namely jelqing (since you will get enough stretching from traction devices alone) with a traction device, you will get a lot more intensity from a traction device from stretching than you would from stretching manually with your hand’s grip alone. Your hand eventually gets tired with higher intensities, but the device never will.

Also, more traction resistance can be applied, for longer periods of time. I have worn my penis extender for over 2 hours with a Head-Swell and with no numbness (this takes practice). This would be impossible with my hand. Even with penis hanging, which uses sets of no more than 20-30 minutes, this is much longer than your hand could endure.


The flip-side is that by adding a combo PE exercise like jelqing to a traction-only routine will optimize girth gains, as the milking aspects of the jelq are known to cause, as well as a better EQ and “morning wood”, not to mention probably the most important part of jelqing, being that jelqing causes to penis to become engorged with blood.

More oxygen rich blood to the penis means that the penis will be expanded for longer periods of time as well as receiving rich blood to help heal the penis and shorten the time needed for recovery between sessions. Additionally, many experienced veterans of jelqing report the effect to be close to that of pumping (which will be discussed in a subsequent portion of this Guide), meaning that the engorgement of the penis will last several hours after the session.

Think about it! The more time the penis spends in an “enlarged state”, the more reason you are giving your penis to “catch up” to the effects of your penis enlargement routine!


I have actually used this method since I learned about manual penis enlargement/enhancement exercises. See, I was a veteran of the extender, having used my extender for 2 years and gaining between 3/4″ to 1″ (at least, more likely 1 full inch, depends on my EQ) with the extender alone.

Once I begun combining manual exercises with my extender use, I gained another 1/4″ in 3 months of combined manual penis exercises and the traction of my extender. This means that I have gained at least one full inch even with an average (6-8) EQ, and with an EQ of 10, my gains are easily at 1 and1/4 inches. Sure, they may sound like very slow gains, but I wouldn’t trade my extra inch to get back all the time I spent getting it, for sure!


Calixto, who has a Master’s degree in Linguistics, was picking up Spanish on Mexico’s nude beaches when he found himself learning another lesson about his penis enlargement goals.  In his words, “I WANTED IT TO BE BIGGER!”  He also wanted a restored foreskin.  Since 2006, he has spent his time in pursuit of his goals, wearing penis devices as well as learning everything possible on the subject of penis enhancement.  Calixto “enjoys everything regarding PE,” and credits the PEGym with shaping his vision.

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