CONTEST: Give Me Your Best Penis Joke, Meme or Comic

bathmate max out jelqing serumOK, Phallic Funny Fridays make their occasional appearance here on PEGym, but I need more material!

So, let me hear your funniest penis-related (or sex-related) jokes, memes, videos, or comics you can find!

NOW – you can win for sharing the funny!!


  • Post HERE in this thread.
  • ***One joke, etc. per post.***
  • There will be an anonymous vote poll at the end.
  • You can enter as many joke, etc. as you’d like – as long as they are ONE JOKE PER POST! (This will be important for voting, so PLEASE follow this rule.)
  • NO other comments on this thread, other than jokes, memes, comics that are entries.
  • Do NOT link to other sites. Copy and paste your joke – use the photo insertion tool above for comics, memes, etc. – or the video insertion tool above for video entries.
  • Contest entries will be accepted on THIS THREAD from now until October 31st – midnight Central.
  • Voting will begin the first week of November.

The winner will receive — Max Out Jelqing Serum!

For every 500 posts on this thread with jokes, etc., we’ll add one more winner! So, post away!

This specially formulated jelqing serum is a lube and an enhancer all-in-one. Max Out is different from normal lube because contains some very special ingredients, including:

  • jelq onButea Superba – a natural PDE5
  • Caffeine – improved transdermal absorption and fights free radicals
  • Ginseng – Helps energy production and fights fatigue
  • Collagen – promotes tissue regeneration, helping your penis recovery more quickly so energy can go to new cell development and penis enlargement
  • Yohimbine Hydrochloride – improved vasodilation, for greater bloodflow to your penis to maximize jelqing effectiveness

With Max Out, you’ll get more from each and every jelq! This means you’ll reach your penis enlargement goals faster than ever before!

Questions? PM me – do NOT post questions, comments, HAHA, etc. here.

Happy Friday!!!

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