Coolest Commercial Ever – IMHO

Although this isn’t “penis-related,” I just had to share this amazing commercial, because it has to be one of coolest commercials I’ve ever seen. Plus, since I haven’t seen it play, I’m betting a lot of others haven’t seen it as well.

Seriously, what could be cooler than you and a buddy strapping a jetpack to your back and zipping over the desert oasis that is Dubai?

How about buzzing an Airbus A380 in the process?!

Yup – even cooler!

“Jetmen” Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet do just that! But, it’s not some stupid stunt that would land anyone else in jail, it’s actually a breathtaking and adrenaline-pumping commercial for Emirates Airline!

Check it out below – and Happy Friday!

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