Correct Peyronie’s Disease with Andropenis’ New Andropeyronie Extender

andropeyronie penis curvature

Peyronie’s Disease and Penile Curvature Treatment

andropeyronie-verticalIt is estimated that 1% – 3% of men suffer from penile curvature (according to Mayo Clinic’s scientific studies). In the United States, there are 1.4 million men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease.

A curved penis or bent penis can be very problematic and can impede a man from having a healthy sexual life. The most common cause for a curved penis is Peyronie’s disease.

Now, Andromedical’s Andropeyronie Device can help correct this curve!

Peyronie’s is a degenerative disease, if left untreated it will continue to get worse. The most common result of this disease is an increasingly curved penis, sometimes to the extent that it makes sexual intercourse painful or impossible.

andropeyronie penis curvatureConventionally, the only treatment for Peyronie’s disease was invasive surgery. The problem with Peyronie’s disease correction surgery is that it is invasive, expensive and normally causes penile shortening. In a recent penis enhancement study, in most cases this type of surgery resulted in the penis losing up to up to 1.2 inches (3 cm) in length (PubMed). Because this is not a price patients are prepared to pay, and because of the overall increased dissatisfaction with Peyronie’s disease correction surgery, more and more doctors and patients are turning to non-surgical alternatives such as Andromedical Andropeyronies Device.

In the fields of Andrology and Urology, the studies conducted on Andropeyronies show that it produces a large reduction in penile curvature, while simultaneously lengthening the penis, all without any surgery. Treatment using Andropeyronies results in Peyronie’s disease correction of up to 50% (PubMed).

Nothing should stand in the way of your sexual happiness, especially something as correctable as penis curvature. You might think that your penile curvature is no big deal, but it can cause many problems which are detrimental to your sexual health.

Penile Curvatures: Congenital and Accidental Causes

There are types of penile curvatures that are not caused by Peyronie’s disease, such as congenital curvature, and curvatures caused by trauma to the penis. Congenital Curvature comes from birth. Many men are born with a curved penis, sometimes the flaw is just aesthetic, but for some it can severely impede a normal sex life, making sex difficult, painful, or even impossible. Andropeyronies provides a congenital penis curvature treatment that is both effective and non-intrusive.

Many men, who are not born with a curved penis, can develop one later on in life as a result of trauma inflicted on the penis. Ever have rough intercourse to the point that it hurt? Or have you ever hurt your penis during intercourse, bending it? Although the penis obviously has no bones inside it, this kind of trauma can still cause permanent damage. Sex-related accidents, even those you would not think twice about after they happen, can cause ruptures inside the penis which stunt growth. When the penis is hurt in this way, it often causes one side of the penis to stop growing. While the healthy side outgrows the damaged side, the penis will effectively become curved.

Correct this curvature with Andromedical’s Andropeyronies Device – effectively and efficiently and without the risks of surgery!

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