Courage for a Deeper Purpose: The Emotional Pain of Erectile Dysfunction

delayed ejaculation

erectile dysfunction“But what if…”  A common line of questioning among those who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) as they pursue multiple potential causes of their ED- many with no actual relation to their specific issue.  That’s not to say there may not be a physical element involved, but the anxiety can make the ability to get an erection much worse.  These sufferers live in a state of perpetual anxiety dwelling over the uncertainties of their condition.  This new behavior appears to take a life of its own.

This emotional pain is added to their natural instincts- which, left alone, would allow their potency to manifest itself without any problems in a stimulating environment.  In cases of men who had satisfactory prowess before,.they longingly think of the times before they started seeing sex as something performance oriented.  This new fear is often leveraged as a convenient excuse to avoid attempting intimacy.  In severe cases where the subject has issues with negative self-perception, it can become a living nightmare.

Every healthy creature has the necessary power needed to perpetuate itself.  The more complex creatures show signs of variability in sexual behaviors not limited to mere coupling for satisfying procreational urges.  The idea of performance in the abstract is something learned.  We can self-induce a reduction of our potentials by “thinking” ourselves into limitation.  If one can think themselves into limitation, it stands to reason they ought to be able to do the reverse.  The problem is in attempting to “think” your way out of it.  This can lead to the scenarios played out in the above “but what if” scenarios.  If you’re stuck in an emotionally induced ED scenario, the way towards fixing is is through courage.

Thankfully, many men can shake off negative incidents and eventually progress enough emotionally to place sex into its proper context in their lives. This in a way can “immunize” you against bad performance anxiety.  In cases of severe emotional distress, professional help should be sought.

How much wiser will we be when we not only overcome these self-induced limitations, but when we’re able to reflect can on the causes of it and what we did to triumph.  A new perspective of understanding is gained.  The transition into wisdom is when we learn to see how most every human has thought themselves into some degree of self-limitation.  This is a point to consider not only in your sexual partners, but in every human being that you meet.

Once you acknowledge the power of courage in yourself, you can encourage others to do the same.

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