The Dangers of Overtraining


overtrainingWe are a fast-food, minute rice, instant gratification kind of society.

We want what we want…. NOW!

No one likes to wait, and this is especially true when it comes to seeing results for hard work we feel we’re putting into something – like penis exercising. This desire to see instant benefits often leads to overtraining, because more is better, right?

Not necessarily!

What is Overtraining?

What exactly is overtraining? Overtraining is when you do more exercise than your body can recover from. This can be:

  • The duration (length of exercise time),
  • Quantity (number of exercise reps),
  • Intensity of your exercise (weight, vacuum pressure, tension, etc.), or
  • Any combination of these three facets.

Overtraining isn’t just a one-time extra-hard workout — it’s most often repeatedly training beyond what you can recover from.

What’s Wrong With Overtraining When Doing Penis Exercises?

In many cases, more is not more when it comes to training. This is especially true of penis exercises!

Overtraining can lead to physical and mental problems, that actually prevent you from seeing the results you want.

  • Injury – The most obvious danger of overtraining is injury. Go too hard and you can injure yourself. From ruptured blood vessels from too much vacuum to skin injuries to tearing ligaments, overtraining can lead to some pretty serious injuries, with penis exercising.
  • Ineffective Training – The way penis exercises work is much like building muscle tissue on any other part of the body. Microtears in the cells occur during exercise, then during your rest period, this facilitates new cell growth as these microtears are repaired. If you have an imbalance between the amount you exercise and your recovery period, these repairs aren’t fully made, so you don’t get the results you’re looking for.
  • Psychological Roadblocks – Any training regime, not just penis exercises, has a mental component along with the physical component. It’s this mental component that either encourages you to exercise regularly and get the results you want, or is the little voice in your ear telling you you’re wasting your time and derails your efforts. When you’ve overtrained and either are not seeing results and/or are in pain from injury, your mental thoughts are more likely to be negative than positive.

Can I Overtrain with Penis Enlargement Devices?

Yes! You definitely can overtrain with penis enlargement devices. Overtraining can include burst capillaries and or bruising, as well as penile exhaustion. Penis hanging devices are also susceptible to overtraining, especially if you try to increase the weight you are hanging too quickly.

How Do I Avoid Overtraining with Penis Exercises?

You can help avoid overtraining using these simple tips:

  • The Power of 10 – Only increase your reps, intensity or duration by a maximum of 10% each week. This does NOT mean you have to increase by 10%. However, never increase by more than 10%.
  • Schedule Rest Days – Even marathon runners schedule rest days. Your penis needs its rest too! Remember, it’s this rest time when the cellular repairs occur and actually give you the permanent results you want.
  • Listen to Your Body – There’s a reason why your body gives sensations – it’s how it tells your brain what’s going on. If you feel pain – stop. Penis exercises should never hurt.



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