All Day Stretcher and More: Ask the Experts


male enhancement coach big alIn this Ask the Experts section, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro answers questions about all day stretchers and soreness, the challenges of excessive masturbation and jelqing, maintaining maximum conditioning with kegels without soreness, and an effective and easy exercise to increase penis girth.

Q: I developed a very similar all-day stretcher…

… with 80 grams of weight. I did it for 25 minutes, before I felt some tiredness and removed it. Afterward, I had no pain or discomfort… seems like a great stretcher, but, as of now, three times a day would put stress on my penis, causing major soreness. I feel like trying 25 minutes a day. Is that an okay schedule?


all day stretcher penis enlargement ask the experts

Big Al: Start out at a “comfortable” limit, but make sure each day you make an effort to effect some form of progress with time. Trainees can work up to hanging most of the day with light devices. Once you master being able to hang for hours, the important part becomes checking your set up regularly, to ensure you’re not cutting off circulation or causing skin issues.


Q: I was masturbating a lot and then…

… reviewed and I realized this is something that has to be dropped, if I am to become a better person. I am using some techniques on that website, to prevent masturbation. The thing is, if you recommend jelqing, it will bring focus on sexual thoughts right back, so I feel it’s a bit of a balancing act. I know excessive masturbation destroys EQ, right?

Big Al: Yes, excessive masturbation destroys EQ — ESPECIALLY if you masturbate to porn. The psychological effects have proven to be very damaging to men. Some find themselves unable to perform in real situations, due to emotional disconnect and the unrealistic fantasies they create in their minds.

Your mental approach plays a huge role in your success.
Your mental approach plays a huge role in your success.

Q: I have several training…

… goals. My goals include:

  1. To get very hard erections on command, or whenever needed.
  2. Size increase in length and girth. (This will increase my confidence greatly.)
  3. A manageable routine that is not too time consuming or taxing.

Any advice?

Big Al: There’s three main phases of training before you become acquainted with yourself, your abilities, and your workouts — two of which are in the beginner phase. The easier is the break-in period (weeks 1 – 4). This is followed by a more stressful conditioning period of high volume training (weeks 5 –  6). Lastly, there’s the period of rest and recuperation (layoff), followed by training using the briefer, but more intense and efficient, advanced routines.

Besides “fitness,” your mental approach will play a huge role in your success at achieving your goals. Learn to avoid becoming anxious by being too worried about the status of your penis. When you are relaxed and can enjoy the mental and/or physical stimulation that causes you to become erect, your penis will fulfill its intended purpose.

Q: Kegeling works really well, but how…

… am I to maintain maximum conditioning without reaching plateau and soreness?

Big Al: Don’t over-kegel. Kegel during scheduled training, and try to avoid kegeling where it’s not specified. In this way, you give your PC and associated muscles the rest they need to recover and strengthen. Keep a close eye on your training performance and EQ levels. If you note a sore PC, spasms, or an overwhelming tendency to contract the PC during stretches or other movements, you may very likely have an over-worked PC.

Clamping is the most intense girth exercise.
Clamping is the most intense girth exercise.

Q: For girth, I need an effective, easy…

… exercise. I was thinking jelqing, cock ring exercises for girth, or clamping. What would you recommend?

Big Al: There’s an order of intensity to specific exercises. Typically, girth exercises are, from the least to the most intense, as follows:

  • Jelqs
  • Squeezes
  • ULIs
  • Clamping

Clamping is the most intense and risky, while jelqs are the least intense (though, ironically, not the least risky).